How to Stay Calm and Concentrate on the Main Thing?

Some things can affect people in many ways, especially in wartime. At the link, you can find out how to overcome negative emotions

How to Stay Calm and Concentrate on the Main Thing?

Tatiana Yermolenko

11.03.2022 | 03:07



Since March 24, 2022, the citizens of Ukraine have been in a state of constant stress. The reason for the crisis was Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the regular bombing of cities and towns. More than a million people left their property, which was destroyed by the invaders. The Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully restrain the enemy army, preventing it from advancing deep into the country. This is a difficult time for residents of all regions of our multimillion-strong country, which we need to survive without losing sanity and mental health. How to remain calm in such circumstances?


In a crisis period, a person can feel and experience different emotions. How to deal with them yourself and how to help others deal with them? Unfortunately, not all conditions can be dealt with on your own. However, the more people who know how to act, the more likely they will help you. Therefore, share this article with your friends and acquaintances, help each other and stick together.


If you are overcome by fear, try to breathe deeply and evenly. If you help another, hold the person by the hand, conveying your confidence and calmness. If a fearful person speaks, listen to him, show interest, understanding, sympathy for feelings and experiences. Massaging tense parts of the body can also help.


From nervous tension, a person can fall into a stupor. In a person in this state, motor activity decreases up to complete immobility. The victim ceases to respond to external stimuli. What to do and how to help?

  • A person in a state of stupor can see everything around and hear others. Speak quietly and calmly in your ear about things that can cause strong emotions;
  • Take the victim by the hand, take them to a safe place, repeat that he/she cannot stay still and he/she needs help;
  • Bend the victim's fingers and press them to the base of the palm.


A crying person needs to be allowed to speak out and cry. Establish physical contact with this person, show that you are there. Don’t try to calm down with the words "stop crying/calm down."


Hysteria is manifested in excessive excitement, emotionally rich speech, screams, sobs. How to help? Create a calm, quiet atmosphere, try to stay alone with the person. Do something that might surprise the victim, such as clapping your hands loudly. Speak to the person in an even, calm tone, in short sentences. Hysteria takes a lot of energy after you manage to calm the person down, put them to sleep.

Panic attack

If you or someone close to you are having a panic attack, you can help in the following ways. You need to sit down, lower your head and rest your feet on the floor. Focus on your breath and breathe slowly. Switch attention, describe what you see around.

Nervous trembling

This condition is the result of a nervous shock. It is unlikely that you will be able to cope with nervous trembling on your own. Take the victim by the shoulders and shake vigorously for 7-14 seconds. Communicate with the trembling person in a flat voice. What cannot be done categorically is to cuddle, try to hug, and cover.


Aggression is also a defensive response to stress. You can throw it out through heavy physical exertion. So you release emotions without harming others. With the victim in this state, it is necessary to talk calmly, evenly, you can try to defuse the situation with funny comments.

Only after you manage to defeat such manifestations of stress, you can focus on performing different tasks. It can be work, household chores, caring for loved ones. If you can't concentrate on work, try doing something useful, like volunteering.


Peace to all of us and victory. We remain calm and do not give the aggressor the slightest chance to destroy us morally and physically.

Glory to Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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