Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") is applied in addition to the general Privacy Policy, which applies to products and services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") limited liability companies "MEDIA TECH GLOBAL" (hereinafter - "LC work"). The Policy describes the types of cookies, the purpose of their use and how you can opt out of them.


1. What are cookies, and what does LC work to use them for

Cookies are small pieces of data with service information about the site visit that the server sends to the User's device. Cookies store information about the User's preferences and allow viewing the visited sites for a particular time in a user-friendly mode. For example, services offer to view the information in the user's language usually used thanks to cookies.


LC work uses cookies to:

  • help the User stay logged in to the Services;
  • improve the quality of the User's work with the Services;
  • show priority information for the User;
  • save ad preferences and secure search settings;
  • display ads that may interest the User;
  • analyze Service usage statistics.

Based on the data obtained using cookies, LC work develops the most helpful functionality for its Services, conducts statistical and marketing research, corrects errors in the Services, tests new functions to improve the performance of the Services, personalizes them, and shows the most relevant information to the User.


2. What cookies LC work uses

LC work uses various types of cookies. The main task in using them is to ensure the User's convenience with the Services, maintain a high level of security in their work, count the audience, page transitions, etc. All LC work cookies belong to one of the following types:

(I) Technical cookies necessary for the proper operation and provision of the full functionality of the Services.

(II) Analytical and marketing cookies that allow:

- recognize users, count their number and collect information, for example, about operations performed, pages visited, and views on Services;

- identify the User's hardware or software, for example, browser type or device;

- collect information about how the User interacts with the Services;

- ensure the relevance of advertising increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

(III) Other cookies perform various service functions and make working with LC worksites and services more accessible. These files help to remember the state of the page, select a region, save personal preferences, such as customizable elements of the site, the size of the text, etc.


LC work may use web beacons (pixel tags) to access cookies previously placed on your device. Their use is necessary to analyze your actions when working with the Services by accessing and using cookies stored on your device to collect statistics about the LC work Services' operation.


Disabling some of these cookies may make it impossible to use certain sections or functions of the Services. For example, access to areas of Services that require authorization is provided by technical cookies, and without their use, the site may not work correctly.


3. Cookie Management

When visiting the Services for the first time in a pop-up window (or using another technical solution), the User may be asked to select the types of cookies recorded on the User's device. At the same time, technical cookies are set automatically when the page loads unless otherwise specified in the browser settings. 


If the User approved the use of cookies but then wanted to change his decision, you can do it yourself by deleting the saved files in the browser on the User's device.


LC work does not require mandatory consent to install cookies on the User's device when using the Services. 


If the User does not agree to save cookies, the User should disable this option in the browser settings. Saved cookies can also be deleted in the system settings of the browser. In addition, the User can change the browser settings to accept or reject by default all cookies or cookies from specific sites, including LC work Services.


4. Access to the information contained in cookies

The information collected using cookies placed on the User's device is stored by applicable law by the terms of the Privacy Policy posted on the Internet at


The information collected using cookies placed on the User's device may be transferred and made available to LC work and partners under the terms of the Privacy Policy. The use of the collected information outside the Services may be subject to separate user agreements available on partner sites. LC work and partners may also allow you to opt-out of advertising personalization by the laws and regulations applicable to such products and offers.


The current version of the Policy is dated June 23, 2021.