Selection of a specialist on a turnkey.
Lead generation

Closure of a vacancy on a turnkey basis of any level of complexity within a minimal time frame for the client. Selection of specialists not only according to their skills but also corporate culture, suitability to the team, responsibilities, and behavioral attitudes.

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We provide a personal manager for communication and work on the vacancy.

We have a large candidate base, thanks to the job search site we use to find specialists.

A recruiter conducts 20 to 50 interviews to close one job.

We guarantee 2-4 best candidates for the final interview in the company.

We check the recommendations for top management positions by using the method of 360.

We provide a weekly progress report.


We do not say goodbye to you at the hiring stage! It is important that your new employee works efficiently and stays with you for the long term so that we will keep in touch during an employment trial period. And also you can get our warranty and fast replacement.

Cost of closing a vacancy

The price for our services depends on your vacancy, terms, requirements, and guarantees. We will be happy to talk with you and find the best option for your requirements and budget.

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Shorten the searching time for great candidates with lead generation!

We make a search by 4 main criteria that you specify.

You can request starting from 20 leads per one job. The maximum number is unlimited.

We have a soft approach to pricing. The price of a lead will depend on objective factors.

We offer warm leads only. You will receive tangible assistance in closing positions of any complexity.

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