How to promote an artist: the experience of Olya Cybulska and Margo Gasin

The LC Work team decided to move away from the usual topics of digital, IT, gambling, and media buying and invited singer Olya Cybulska and her PR director Margo Gasin for an interview.

How to promote an artist: the experience of Olya Cybulska and Margo Gasin

Valentyn Ihnatiev

29.12.2022 | 07:02



The guests discussed the show business and hype on scandalous topics, cancel culture, the chemistry between a star and her manager, the promotion of an artist, and the functions and responsibilities of this manager.

“We have a cancel culture that spares no one. Our entire country loves to cancel, people love to feel superior to artists, assert themselves, feel their power.”

Margo Gasin told why an artist can be canceled in Ukraine, unlike Western countries. And Olya Cybulska emphasized that it is not customary for Ukrainian stars to admit their mistakes, on the contrary, they would rather come up with some incredible story to justify themselves than apologize for their behavior.

What else we talked about with Olya and Margo:

  • Can celebrities resort to such huge scandals as Kanye West did?
  • What distinguishes the new generation in show business?
  • What an artist's PR director does.
  • How to promote an artist in the digital environment.
  • How the market has changed since the all-out war.
  • What is decisive for people's love or hatred towards artists after February 24th?
  • What should be the artist's promotion strategy in social networks?
  • Who are Olya Cybulska's team members?
  • How the artist's manager makes money on the team.
  • How a manager can find an artist.
  • Where and how to text an artist about work?

The guests also played the game “Spread the Responsibilities” and, in the end, gave recommendations to those who want to get into the show business.

Watch the video and plunge into the warm and relaxed atmosphere of a conversation with representatives of Ukrainian show business.

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