How Not to Screw Up on Technical Interviews and Present Yourself Profitably

Our new speaker — Artem Petrov will tell you

How Not to Screw Up on Technical Interviews and Present Yourself Profitably

Tatiana Yermolenko

04.11.2022 | 01:39



As our event date approaches, new speakers are joining us. Artem Petrov is a JavaScript expert who has worked in the IT industry for over 8 years. He started his career path as a simple philanthropist and junior developer. Now he manages the sales department, conducts technical interviews, and shares his knowledge in lectures.

We remind you that a free webinar from LCWork "How Can I Get an Entry-Level Job Despite the Low Level?"?

Will be held on November 17 at 16:00 CET.

The language of the webinar is English.

Artem has seen many interviews in his experience. In particular, both mistakes on the part of candidates and winning moves during the interview. He knows what candidates are going through, especially in matters of self-presentation and meeting the employer's requirements in terms of skills.

Of course, we are all nervous in front of a recruiter, because we want to impress him and get more chances. That’s why we have hesitations, about whether we meet the vacancy requirements, how to present ourselves correctly, whether we understood the employer’s feedback, etc.

Therefore, Artem will speak at a free webinar from LCWork, where he will share:

  • how to present yourself from the most favorable angle;
  • what soft skills should be demonstrated to a recruiter;
  • what to do if you realize in the process that you aren't up to hard skills;
  • how to evaluate feedback from recruiters properly.

He will also answer your questions, share effective life hacks and tell you how to convince the employer that you are the one who is needed for his vacancy.

Register for the free webinar! You will receive a link to the event by e-mail, which you specify during registration.

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