How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Your Decisions

Doubting is a common feeling that can interfere with the work process and the overall result. Follow the link for a detailed guide on what to do

Как перестать сомневаться в себе и своих решениях

Tatiana Yermolenko

23.02.2022 | 04:59



Constant doubts negatively affect not only the development of a person’s career, success, self-realization, but also his health. Of course, you should also avoid the other extreme - impulsive actions.

It is important to stick to the golden mean and learn to make informed decisions. After all, while you are overcome by constant doubts, others open their own business and confidently move up the career ladder. Statistics show that more than 85% of Ukrainians are dissatisfied with their wages. However, only 45% of them want to change jobs. More than half of the working population would like to change their profession, but only 22% have decided to do this over the past year. Very often we cannot make a choice, as we strive to think through everything to the smallest detail while missing the chances for change. If you want to change your life for the better, it's time to take action. The job search site Login Casino Work tells how to stop doubting.

Who is most likely to be in doubt?

Most often, perfectionists suffer from indecision. As a rule, these people are very smart, responsible, but excessive anxiety prevents them from making decisions. A hallmark of a perfectionist is excessive demands on oneself. They do not need to be criticized, they will criticize themselves more severely than the harshest critic. After that, they will consider themselves losers and may become depressed. Due to low self-esteem and high-quality criteria, people tend to underestimate their work results, it always seems to them that they could have done not just better, but perfectly. A developed intellect also plays a cruel joke with them - a perfectionist sees many possible options, but indecision does not allow him to choose one of them. A person is constantly tormented by the pangs of choice, and doubts make it difficult to stop at one of the possible alternatives.

How indecision can affect your career and personality

Failure to make a choice can be detrimental to a person's life. Of course, there is always a certain amount of doubt in your choice, but it should not go beyond reasonable limits. If the arguments against them tend to be repeated, then it's time to put them aside. In psychology, there is a special word that denotes the regular repetition of the same experiences, doubts, and negative thoughts - rumination. Constantly remembering his failures and failures, not seeing behind them ways out of the current situation, a person drives himself into a stressful state. This behavior can have very serious consequences. It is not only about career stagnation, financial losses, and dismissal. Constant doubts can bring you to depression, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system. As a result, any project will begin with thoughts of failure and rejection of promising vacancies. No one will believe in you if you don't believe in yourself.

Some advice from psychologists

Nobody wants to be a loser. But how to stop doubting and start making decisions? Let's just say - the process of working on yourself is quite difficult. Psychology experts and career counselors suggest the following three steps.

Stop constantly thinking about the negative, scolding yourself, and thinking through a scenario with a bad outcome. As soon as the thought begins to arise in your head that what you are doing is wrong and actions will not lead to anything good, stop. Tell yourself “Stop”, pinch your ear, switch to thinking about something else. The most important thing is to learn how to stop the negativity in time, although it is not easy.

Accept the situation. What is done is done. Regular scrolling in your mind of possible options for action in the past will not work. To accept the current situation, you need to tell yourself that you can find a way out on your own. And if it is not possible to change some circumstances, then it is worth acting based on the current state of affairs.

Switch to problem-solving. Sometimes the solution to the problem is not immediately visible, but this does not mean that it does not exist at all. It is rational to analyze the situation by asking yourself how you can benefit from it and what you can do right now. Think about what you could advise a colleague or friend in your place. If losses are inevitable, they should be accepted, because only those who do nothing do not make mistakes.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes, the main thing is to draw the right conclusions and not make them again.

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Most often, people who make too high demands on themselves suffer from indecision and the inability to make a choice. They are perfectionists, intelligent and responsible people who live in a state of permanent anxiety. Indecision is also a characteristic of self-confident people with low self-esteem.

Yes, they contain. Indecisiveness and lack of confidence in the correctness of one's actions lead to depression, and being under constant stress negatively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

Psychologists recommend trying to control your thoughts and emotions, learning to accept life situations, and increasing self-confidence. To do this, you can read specialized literature and try to work on yourself, you can also contact a psychologist and do it with the help of a specialist.

Most often, decision-making, even a difficult and important one, happens instantly. The correct answer comes to a person in a few seconds, and only then does an indecisive person start scrolling through various arguments in his head and doubting the chosen path.

Usually, the decision will be correct if a person takes his interests into account when making it. This is a universal method of choosing the right path, from which only a wrong awareness of one's true interests can lead one to fail because often a person can replace his goals with what is required of him by loved ones, colleagues, or society.

The easiest way is to simply decide what exactly you want in a particular situation. The right decision will always take into account your goals, needs, and values.

Situations are different, and sometimes it pays to consult with family or friends. However, the decision, as well as the responsibility for it, will still have to be taken independently.

The ability to make the right choice immediately depends on many factors: a person's age and experience, his understanding of himself and his needs, awareness of the situation, and the consequences of certain options for actions, etc.

Yes, it affects. Self-confident people find it very difficult to make any decisions because they doubt their abilities and are not ready to take responsibility for the consequences of such decisions. Conversely, confident people with high self-esteem make informed decisions more easily, because they know what they want, and if so, they can consciously accept the consequences of their actions.

Yes, it affects, and negatively. Indecisive and shy people usually move up the career ladder rather slowly and rarely occupy high positions, because they are afraid to offer creative ideas, show their out-of-the-box thinking, or ask management for a raise.

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