How not to screw up in an interview and what else our new speaker Artem Petrov will tell you

Q&A from Hygge Software CFO

How not to screw up in an interview and what else our new speaker Artem Petrov will tell you

Tatiana Yermolenko

11.11.2022 | 03:13



While our event is getting closer every day, we continue to introduce you to our participants. Our new guest is Artem Petrov, co-founder, and CFO of Hygge Software. He knows perfectly well how difficult and thorny the path of an IT specialist can be, because he was once a freelancer, and became the head of the company.

Artem has been working in IT for over 8 years. He currently manages the sales team and conducts technical interviews and lectures.

At the webinar “How Can I Get an Entry-Level Job Despite the Low Level?” he will tell:

  • how to present yourself from the most favorable angle;
  • what soft skills should be demonstrated to a recruiter;
  • what to do if you realize in the process that you aren't up to hard skills;
  • how to evaluate feedback from recruiters properly.

That is, Artem will answer questions that concern everyone who is looking for a job because making a positive impression on a recruiter is the key to a successful interview.

We conducted a short interview with our speaker and share the answers with you.

What are the problems (or mistakes) that candidates most often face when they receive feedback from recruiters?

“Candidates tend to ignore any criticism or take it personally. It’s important to understand that different companies have different requirements and they might be looking for a different personality to fit the existing team.

At the same time, I strongly recommend listening to the feedback on your technical skills since it indicates weak points to be improved for future growth.”

Does it happen that a candidate can get an offer, even if he lacks some hard skills, with soft skills everything is ok?

“ At the entry level, this situation is very common. Companies are looking for curious minds who are eager to learn. And they are ready to invest resources into raising top developers in-house.”

For the sake of what qualities of a candidate can an employer ignore the lack of work experience?

"Proactiveness, general curiosity and ability to learn and dig deep into the subject."

You can also ask your questions to the speakers at the webinar, which will be held on November 17, 2022.

We remind you that the event is free of charge, and the language of the webinar is English.

You will receive a link to the online event at the email address you provided during registration.


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