How to Get into a Large Media Buyin Team without Experience?

We asked this question to the amazing arbitrage teams of Improve Team, TraffBraza, Just Traffic Pro, Alfaleads, and Wild Wild Leads, and got completely different answers. Now we can say for sure that there is no universal equation.

How to Get into a Large Media Buyin Team without Experience?

Valentyn Ihnatiev

07.12.2022 | 03:14



To find out what skills you need to get into the affiliate team from scratch, what tasks you will have to perform, and how much you will get paid for it, read the LC Work article with expert answers.

How many applications per month for the position of a media buyer do you get? And how many of these applicants have no experience in the affiliate field at all?

  Nikita Petrenko, Improve Team co-owner

15-20 people come passively. If we are searching, we have to iterate up to 100 applications to find 2-3 people. About half of the applicants are without any experience. Another 20-30% have a minimum of experience.

  Maria, HRD at TraffBraza

The flow of applications is consistently high. We do not give out exact numbers – this is the company policy.

More often juniors or guys with no experience “knock on our door” on their own, although sometimes we are lucky for middles. But strong specialists in narrow areas need to be “hunted”.

There are really a lot of guys in affiliate marketing who want to enter a niche with zero previous experience. There are more than 40% of such applications.

  Valeria Borisova, HR at Just Traffic Pro

We get 80 applications and more per month. 15-20% of those are without experience (depending on the month, the source where the ad was posted, etc.)

  Konstantin Guberkan, Head of Marketing & CCT Alfaleads

As a rule, we do not have open vacancies for such positions. Occasionally, depending on the company's needs, we open vacancies for media buyers or specialists for certain traffic sources. But there are a lot of applications from guys who want to get into any possible position in the affiliate program. Most often they apply for the vacancy of an affiliate manager.

More than 90% of incoming requests come from people with no work experience. We are open to any proposals, but, in most cases, we take candidates with relevant experience. However, there are exceptions. For example, Anya Buzova or Zakhar Surov came to Alfaleads from outside the industry and showed themselves as excellent specialists.

  Maria Franchuk, a recruiter at Wild Wild Leads

As for applications, there are quite enough.

But the big question is whether they are relevant. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There is an opinion that working in companies involved in affiliate marketing is very promising and in demand. Therefore, it is quite popular among job seekers. My question about what is most attractive in this field of activity is answered in different ways. Some consider this work interesting, others – promising, and still, some consider this direction to be fashionable.

Based on my personal observations in the course of the work, I can say that 80% of candidates have no experience in the affiliate niche at all.

  Yulia Pashchenko, a recruiter at PAXLE

Everyone understands the situation in the country and how the market has changed. Now it’s very different, if you take people with a lot of versatile experience, then there are not so many applications. And if you take juniors and those who just want to start in this area, there are quite a lot of requests.

There are a lot of applicants without experience as this area is now at its peak. A lot of people in Ukraine lost their jobs, and a lot of people just heard somewhere, have a friend working for them, or saw the Instagram profiles of the owners of different teams and also want to try it out. There are a lot of such people now. In general, there are from 30 to 70 applications per day for the position of a junior without experience.

Does your team see a future in taking on newbies and turning them into pros? Do you have a mentoring program? How many of those trained staff stay to work in the team for a long time and how many leave to look for a better future?

  Nikita Petrenko, Improve Team co-owner

Potentially, this is interesting, but you need to spend a lot of resources on all of this – to train new hires, to keep a cross-section of the results, to motivate mentors within the team, and so on. Right now, we are not ready to do this.

  Maria, HRD at TraffBraza

For a long time, we adhered to a strategy, where the team included only guys of the middle level and above.

Now we have juniors, but they attribute for up to 10% of the team. Plus, they work under the strict control of team leaders.

We also launched our own Google UAC training school for media buyers. So yes, we definitely see the prospect in this approach because the guys immediately learn according to our methods. By the way, the course is free.

It's too early to talk about the percentage of those remaining. The first stream is about to start, then we will look at the results.

I must say right away that out of 20 those who passed the selection for training, we will take only 5 people for a two-month internship for the position of a junior media buyer. Then it all depends on them.

  Valeria Borisova, HR at Just Traffic Pro

I often hear candidates saying: "Where can I get this very experience if all teams ask for it but no one wants to give it and train us." I understand the candidate's point of view. Nevertheless, we look from the business side. Perhaps, this information will help newcomers understand the employer.

We in our company do recruit employees with absolutely zero experience in training. Training an employee from scratch is a very energy-intensive and time-consuming process. We can say that in the future such a person will bring profit to the company. But let's put the following facts on the second scale:

  • Before a newcomer reaches a stable profit, it will take at least six months, or even more;

  • During the training, a priori, there will be budget drains;

  • And also, alas, some of the guys will drop everything halfway or even at the start: mainly because "I realized that it's not for me."

Experienced buyers know both the advantages and the pitfalls of the sphere. Guys with no experience know about affiliate marketing only from the stories of friends and from what they read somewhere in blogs or TG. As a result, the expectation of how the work looks does not always correspond to reality. Few people talk about the other side of the coin: media buying is not only about really high earnings, freedom of action, and the world of advertising without borders; it's also about hard work, working with numbers, and having steel "Faberge" so as not to lose motivation during storms.

For ourselves, we decided to invest the company's funds in the experience of our buyers, in advanced training courses for them, and a variety of tools for comfortable and high-quality work. And also - in the launch of new directions, and testing of different sources and niches. This brings more profit in the end and pays off in a shorter time than an employee without experience.

The right approach to team building is one of the things that has kept us on the market for more than 5 years and scaling at a time when other teams are winding down the business.

  Konstantin Guberkan, Head of Marketing & CCT at Alfaleads

There are not many professionals on the market, and those that are there, do not always meet our requirements. Therefore, we have developed our own educational program within the company for all new employees to undergo, regardless of their previous experience. Training consists of several blocks and is designed for 3 months. Of course, it goes in parallel with the main work. A mentor is assigned to each student, and they fully guide the student according to the given program and advise him. After a candidate successfully passes the test, we decide in which direction to develop them, taking into account their personal wishes and the needs of the company itself.

We implement all this within the framework of the CCT (Customer Care Team) department, whose activities are connected with almost all internal processes: from communication with the webmaster to verification with advertisers and product testing together with the integration department.

Usually, we take no more than 2-3 candidates at the start, as a rule, and they stay with us for years. In the process of training, they are fully acquainted with all the features of the work and imbued with our values.

  Maria Franchuk, a recruiter at Wild Wild Leads

Sometimes we have vacancies that include training. For example, Assistant Media Buyer with the prospect of moving to the position of Media Buyer. In our company, we provide training for current employees at the Middle/Senior level.

  Yulia Pashchenko, a recruiter at PAXLE

At a certain stage, any business comes to take newcomers to the team. There are various reasons for this. For example, you are someone to perform routine work while slowly developing and growing. Businesses spend money, time, and effort on juniors without experience. You need to be mentally prepared that junior will not bring profit immediately. And it’s also a common situation that you raise a junior, and then they gain experience and leave.

Our team company has been in the market for a long time, and we are hiring juniors. We even created one of the projects, which is a school for affiliate managers. where we first train the guys, then we take the best ones for a paid internship, and then we integrate them into projects. We have mentors at every stage and great support from juniors from any side. Some stay and some leave right away, there are different indicators. Everything depends on the person.

What are the chances for a newbie in media buying to get at least a trainee position? And how long will it take before they are fully accepted into the team?

  Nikita Petrenko, Improve Team co-owner

There are chances, let's say. But we need a team that is ready to take adequate newcomers.

  Maria, HRD at TraffBraza

Juniors can get into our team after successfully completing the Google UAC course or if they manage to impress while communicating with a recruiter. We adhere to this position because we understand that during the course the guys will learn according to the algorithms that our team is guided by. This will make further work more efficient.

As for the internship time, the probational period after the course is 2 months. Based on the results of passing the IS, an agreement is signed. In general, 2 months is the optimal period to understand whether a person can adapt and give good results in a team.

  Konstantin Guberkan, Head of Marketing & CCT at Alfaleads

We do not take on interns, we only consider the format of full-time work. There are chances for newcomers to get into the team, but for this, you will have to try hard: demonstrate an initiative, desire to grow and develop at all stages of the interview, successfully complete training, and be ready for constant self-improvement.

  Maria Franchuk, a recruiter at Wild Wild Leads

Which position to take a person without experience depends on the company, someone takes candidates to the Junior Media Buyer level, and someone hires without experience to the position of Farmer with the transition to the position of Media Buyer. In general, a lot depends on the candidates themselves. Their personal and professional qualities determine the duration of the process of becoming an employee in their profession. The important thing is how great their desire, aspiration, learning ability, ability to analyze the information received, etc.

  Yulia Pashchenko, a recruiter at PAXLE

We take all juniors for a 3-month-long trial period, after which we review the salary and compare the CPA indicators. If by all accounts it's cool, well done. We then start working fully as a team. If something is wrong, different things happen, FB storms, or other different moments, we take this into account and can extend the trial period for another 1 month.

What skills does a novice applicant need to have to be considered as an intern candidate?

  Nikita Petrenko, Improve Team co-owner

He needs to be adequate, with relevant experience, eager to work, and polite.

  Maria, HRD at TraffBraza

Everything is quite simple. They need:

  1. The desire for development – to study the niche along and across, using all available resources: courses, materials in the media, interviews, guides, etc.

  2. Test – create an experience in media buying by themselves: try to upload yourself using simple sources like FB.

  3. Be interested – first of all, in the team, you are applying for: know its values, priorities, etc.

  4. Show persistence. In case of refusal, do not leave with your hands down but ask for constructive feedback, work on the mistakes, and after a while, try applying again.

  Valeria Borisova, HR at Just Traffic Pro

Sometimes we have a vacancy for an assistant to a buyer or to a team leader. There is every chance of getting into such a position if you have:

  • experience as a data farmer (confident and productive);

  • at least a minimal bay experience, even if unsuccessful;

  • an understanding of the metrics for the selected vertical: what are the metrics, and how they are used in the work to analyze the traffic;

  • the skills to work with auto-fill;

  • an "I will learn" attitude instead of "I will be taught"?.

Depending on the basic skills and learning ability, the transition from an assistant to a buyer is possible within 2-3 months from the start of work.

  Maria Franchuk, a recruiter at Wild Wild Leads

It is very important to prove yourself at the initial stage. If we talk about the qualities that are important in the selection, we can especially highlight interest, perseverance, perseverance, and a great desire to learn. New people who join a company are often afraid to ask questions. When communicating with a candidate, I always try to assure them that the team leader or another leader takes responsibility for the success of a person’s work in the company even without experience, is ready to train them and answer questions - this is completely normal. A team leader is your friend and mentor.

From personal observations in the process of selecting candidates, I can also say that people who have a mathematical mindset master the technical part faster than those with humanitarian.

  Yulia Pashchenko, a recruiter at PAXLE

The desire to work, to be interested in the field, to develop yourself, first try to find the answer to your questions on Google. If it doesn’t work out, then go to the team leader. They also have to study, read, and watch interviews all the time. Prepare for an interview. The position “I want you to teach me” is bad. You also need to be well-versed in theoretical issues.

What qualities do you need to show during the internship to get into the team? What do you need to do to get fired quickly?

  Nikita Petrenko, Improve Team co-owner

You need to show perseverance, diligence, and a desire to show results (and not justify failures by circumstances).

To get kicked out, it’s enough to be irresponsible, unassembled, and have clumsy rude communication with the team.

  Maria, HRD at TraffBraza

Proactive thinking and creativity = finding innovative solutions, activity = perseverance, perseverance = independence, sense of humor, and ease of communication.

Our recruiting processes are set up in such a way that people who could potentially leave the team do not get into the team. We don't take on people whose values ​​don't match ours. The new person must be comfortable with the team and the team with them.

  Valeria Borisova, HR at Just Traffic Pro

In addition to what I said in the question above, it is very important if a person to know how to search for the necessary information on their own (not all but some part) or if they immediately run to the team lead with any, even small, issue. Also, does the employee make the same mistakes repeatedly, or conclude after the first time and understands how to avoid similar mistakes in the future? Mindfulness and analytical skills are also very important.

  Konstantin Guberkan, Head of Marketing & CCT at Alfaleads

I will repeat what I already somehow voiced in our video about “12 stupid questions for Alfaleads employees”: the candidate needs to love their job and try to be a professional. Only those who do not want to do anything get kicked out quickly.

  Yulia Pashchenko, a recruiter at PAXLE

Listen to the advice of people who help. When they say that it is better to do this here, and not like this. You need to ask questions if something is not clear, and not pretend that you understood everything, but in the end, did everything wrong. Hardworking must be mandatory, as a willingness to work more hours. Since it is in the junior’s interests.

What can a beginner expect in terms of both tasks and income?

  Nikita Petrenko, Improve Team co-owner

Tasks - farming accounts, helping buyers in the bay. Income - about $400-500.

  Maria, HRD at TraffBraza

If we talk about interns who come to us after the Google UAC course, then they receive a standard rate of $400 for the training period. After successfully completing the training, a percentage of the profit made is added to the salary. Among Ukrainian companies, we now have one of the highest salary levels.

As for the tasks, in fact, there is only one priority – to drive traffic into a plus. It is important that during the trial period, this happens under the close supervision of the team leader. That is, the trainee has a mentor who is ready to support them, but at the same time does not do the work for him.

Team leads follow the strategy of nurturing 100% independent employees: they give them a fishing rod and teach them how to fish instead of putting a ready-made dish on the table.

  Valeria Borisova, HR at Just Traffic Pro

First of all, the role of a beginner (assistant) is to take on some routine tasks so that the buyer has more time to deal with scaling, the creative part of tasks, and generating ideas. We start with working with accounts (set up before launch, tie up cards, create bm, etc.), gradually connect tasks for the bay, search for creatives, and then more.

In our team, assistants earn in addition to the rate + %.

For experienced buyers, in turn, growth to a team lead is provided. For example, we will soon have another gambling team, as one of the buyers is going up.

In general, I repeatedly received cool feedback about the expertise of our team leaders after the interview. This is one of the reasons why buyers prefer our team over others.

  Konstantin Guberkan, Head of Marketing & CCT at Alfaleads

It depends on the purpose for which we take the employee and their position. During the three-month training, the candidate is completely immersed in the profile of their work, for them it does not come as a surprise. In terms of income, we pay wages above the market level.

  Maria Franchuk, recruiter at Wild Wild Leads

As soon as a new person comes to the company, their training and adaptation take one or two weeks. After that, according to the results of the training, the leader will introduce some practical tasks into the work (from easier to more complex). If it's a data farmer, the requirements for the number of accounts will gradually increase, if it's a Junior Media Buyer, then at the beginning, they will be given small budgets so they can test traffic.

  Yulia Pashchenko, recruiter at PAXLE

Tasks at first can be commonplace and gain traction afterward. The main thing is not to be afraid if the team leader does not immediately give you difficult tasks. This is done so the new gets used to it first. About income - you can count on about a $300-700 rate. It all depends on the previous experience of the person, how they passed the interview, and the test task plus bonuses, they are different for everyone.

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