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Login Casino Work is more than just a site for employment in the gambling industry. Today, our platform also works for employers and job seekers in Digital and IT areas. The resource opens up great opportunities for bold, ambitious applicants striving for new knowledge and building a career. It doesn't matter if you have work experience or not, you have a higher education or you just graduated from college - with us everyone can find a suitable vacancy for him. For those who are looking for a job for the first time, our blog contains tips on writing a resume and passing an interview. Tired of looking for the right employee on job search sites? Post a job at Login Casino Work and your ideal candidate will be found! Tired of looking for the right employee on job search sites? Post a job at Login Casino Work and your ideal candidate will be found! Read more


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From leading companies in Ukraine and other countries. Promising work with good wages and favorable terms of employment.


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From applicants of different specialties, with and without working experience. Applicants for executive positions, working staff, and freelance.


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Well-known representatives of the gambling industry in Ukraine and foreign companies are open to beginners and professionals with different specializations.

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New vacancies

In , the gambling industry in Ukraine received an official status. A huge market requires qualified personnel, so working in the gambling business is a great start for the professional development of many specialists.

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  • The Ukrainian market is attractive for foreign investors. Thus, Ukrainian companies will have the opportunity to cooperate with global brands or their representative offices.
  • The market has just entered the starting position; experts predict its growth. This may not mean temporary earnings for applicants, but the opportunity to get a stable and reliable income.
  • The industry uses modern technologies, so working online in the gambling business promises to be profitable and prospective. You can find an exciting profession, successfully realize yourself in a new field, find comfortable working conditions.

Since the gambling market has just begun to develop, applicants have a unique opportunity to enter a new, promising industry even with a minimum of experience — many companies form teams, launch training programs for staff, and invite specialists to transfer experience.

In what direction should you move if you look for a job in the gambling business?

We offer to register on the LCwork website, which combines current vacancies and job search in one place. A single theme of the resource — gambling, betting, online gambling — allows you to save time for the applicant and the employer and make the search targeted.

The LCwork service places hot vacancies from employers, leading market operators, game developers and also presents a database of up-to-date CVs of applicants. You can view incoming offers from companies or create a resume describing your expectations and requirements. Automation of the search process according to the specified criteria will allow you to optimize the time for it while selecting only interesting offers.

Registration on the LCwork website is the best solution if you are looking for a job in the gambling business. This is a unique opportunity to find out job offers and professional information support: the LCwork compiles company ratings, highlights industry development trends, and publishes tips from gambling experts. 

This information makes the ranking attractive for your offers, navigating industry trends, and choosing promising employment areas easier. 

Professional recruiters' advice will clarify how a job seeker can increase his chances of getting a job in the best global and Ukrainian gambling companies.

Your work online in the gambling business: it's easier to find a good offer with LCwork 

Searching for a job on the specialized LCwork portal increases the chances of finding an offer that meets your expectations:

  • employers trust the resource;
  • cooperates with proven, legally operating companies;
  • provides independent information about the employer, the rating, details of cooperation;
  • posts honest reviews about firms from their employees;
  • publishes recommendations for job seekers from leading companies.

The LCwork project was created by the Login Casino team, the information leader in the gambling industry, long known in professional circles for its honest and objective approach. Therefore, the site has become the primary tool for finding employees for several companies.

What the applicant should study to decide which company to cooperate:

  • View vacancies and job searching on the site. The applicant should pay attention to employers' offers and read the colleagues' CVs. This will help form an understanding of the candidate's professional skills for the position.
  • Expert advice. Perhaps a company's representative gave some recommendations that increase the chances of getting a job. Again, this is an excellent opportunity for recruiters to learn the intricacies of recruiting.
  • Forecasts about your sphere's development. Studying the forecasts will help you decide which area is more promising to develop if you are faced with a choice between two areas of the same business sector.
  • Read company reviews. It will help form an opinion about the requirements for work, organizational issues, relationships in the team.
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