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Navigating the Affiliate Marketing Labor Market: Challenges, Solutions — An Interview with Improve Team's HR Manager

Tatiana Yermolenko

Affiliate marketing and media buying are relatively young niches that are gaining momentum in the Ukranian market, as well as in the international one. We spoke to Margarita Shelakova about the difficulties, prospects, and nuances of working in an arbitrage team.

How to Earn Money

Tatiana Yermolenko

Finances are a constant concern throughout our lives, from meeting our primary material needs to pursuing our ambitions for travel, investments, and financial growth.

Overview of the Specialty QA Tester

Tatiana Yermolenko

The field of information technology has given us many vacancies where you can develop yourself, be useful and earn good money. One of these specialties is a software tester or QA Engineer.

The Best Books for Self-Development — Top 12

Tatiana Yermolenko

Nothing develops a person like reading books. Especially if these are books for the self-development of the individual.

How to Open a Bookmaker Company

Tatiana Yermolenko

It’s hard to deny that sports betting is popular. The bookmaking business has some advantages and opportunities. At the same time, a bookmaker company can serve as a source of finance for the state budget or charitable organizations.

Rating of Crypto-Exchanges — TOP30

Valentyn Ihnatiev

The demand for cryptocurrency is constantly growing. So, from February 2021 to February 2022, the rate of most cryptocurrencies increased significantly. For example, the same Etherium (ETH) rose more than four times.

What Is Lookism?

Tatiana Yermolenko

Each of us was taught that appearance is not the main thing since childhood. And at the same time, we are accustomed to meeting a person “by clothes”. How not to overstep the bounds and not fall into such an extreme as lookism?

Everything on Employee Relocation: Benefits and Tips

Valentyn Ihnatiev

The working environment may be one of the most influential factors for the company’s performance. It is the top priority to provide the most comfortable conditions for the employees to get the best outcomes.

5 Popular Jobs in Warsaw for Students You Should Consider

Valentyn Ihnatiev

As Poland reaches new economic heights, its capital becomes home to numerous companies with excellent prospects. In addition to large corporations with established brands, successful mid-sized companies can also offer excellent working conditions here.

Assistant, Translator, Interlocutor: What Is ChatGPT and What Are Its Functions?

Tatiana Yermolenko

In recent days, the Ukrainian online community has been actively discussing and testing a new digital sensation — ChatGPT.

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