Jobs in The Casino Industry

The gambling industry is one of the most powerful financial giants in the business world.

Jobs in The Casino Industry

Tatiana Yermolenko

31.05.2022 | 01:59



Firstly, because there is a lot of money, and secondly, it offers a huge number of types of casino jobs. Moreover, even “starting” positions, like a waiter, promise a good salary. Moreover, this area has expanded, thanks to the transition to online and the involvement of IT technologies. Thus, the land-based gambling industry has turned into an iGaming sector, where thousands of jobs in the casino are offered.

iGaming offers many careers in a casino: from online slot developers to affiliate managers. In addition, working in the field of gambling offers many advantages. These are both good salaries and rapid career development. So what jobs are there in the casino industry available to applicants today? Let’s take a look!

Casino Floor Staff

Each land-based casino gathers a team of service personnel to create an atmosphere of hospitality and high service for guests.

Waiters (Cocktail server)

Work’s features: Visitors’ service in the casino is somewhat different from that in a regular cafe or restaurant. This is because customers are different and in various emotional states (from the winner’s joy to the irritation due to the loss). Therefore, such types of jobs in a casino must have a certain stress tolerance.

The main task that the Cocktail server should perform is serving alcoholic and non—alcoholic beverages to guests.

Average salary: $28,000 per year.

Requirements: Affability, politeness, stress resistance.


Work’s features: By the way, someone has to make and pour the same drinks. Bartenders prepare cocktails for guests and can arrange shows if the casino likes to pamper guests with spectacles. Elite gambling clubs even force the employees to go through special schools for bartenders.

And although there are not the highest paid jobs in the casino industry, such employees receive a good salary and tips.

Average salary: $38,000 per year.

Requirements: Accuracy, stress resistance, the ability to make and serve drinks.


Jobs in The Casino Industry



Work’s features: These are employees without whom even the most expensive gambling club cannot look presentable. They provide immaculate cleanliness and an expensive look to the interior.

Average salary: about $25,000 a year.

Requirements: Accuracy, stress tolerance, punctuality, responsibility.

Casino Admin Staff

While some casino floor employees provide comfort, others at the same time keep order in the gaming hall. As a rule, administrative positions are occupied by those employees who have already proved themselves.

General Manager

Work’s features: This is essentially the owner of the entire casino. His main role is to open a gambling establishment, make initial investments and launch a gambling business. After that, the general manager receives income from the institution, cashes checks, and monitors his business development.

Average salary: The income of a general manager can range from $200,000 per year and above.

Requirements: Have sufficient funds to open a new gambling establishment, entrepreneurship, determination, and knowledge of the laws and peculiarities of the gambling business.


Work’s features: The more solid the gaming club, the more nuances need to be considered. The casino manager makes sure that everything is perfect: from the interior to the quality of service. And also to receive complaints from guests, resolve disputes, and adjust the work of the staff.

The duties of this vacancy also include communication with clients and personnel management.

Average salary: about $40,000 a year.

Requirements: Work experience in gambling and management, stress tolerance, attention to detail, good looks, sociability.

Slot Supervisor

Work’s features: Someone should monitor the serviceability of slot machines. And also to be responsible for their work in front of the slot machine owner, to call technicians, in case of its malfunction, controls the team of service personnel of slot machines. Such casino employees must also negotiate with slot suppliers about new slot machines.

Average salary: about $35,000 a year.

Requirements: understanding the features of slot machines, learning ability, responsibility, and attention to detail. 

Casino Security Staff

Security is another of the main priorities for any gambling club. Therefore, casinos pay well to those ready to guard the safety of the property and the order of the gaming club.

Video Surveillance Operator

Work’s features: In addition to strict pit bosses and managers, video surveillance operators also monitor the order in the gaming hall.

Each game room has some cameras through which the operator watches everything: how everybody plays, how chips are paid, and what happens in general.

The main task of the operator is to notice any violations and report this to administrators and security. Such work requires maximum endurance and concentration.

Average salary: from $30,000 per year.

Requirements: attentiveness, understanding of how security systems work, responsibility.

Casino Security Staff 

Work’s features: There are cases when you have to physically intervene in what is happening in the casino. When someone tries to steal the chips, or one of the guests has lost control of himself — there are many cases.

Therefore, among common jobs at a casino, people provide security both for the institution itself and for visitors. The duties of casino security guards also include patrolling the territory, monitoring a specific object, etc.

Средняя зарплата: от $32,000 в год. 

Requirements: stress resistance, good physical fitness, ability to resolve conflict situations, efficiency.

Casino Host Staff

The first thing you need to provide a guest is a warm welcome and a good reception. That is, so that already at the entrance, the guests have a desire to at least stay more.

To do this, hostesses greet guests at the entrance, and casino managers meet especially privileged clients.


Work’s features: These are the first common jobs at a casino, usually seen by a visitor when he enters a gambling club. Hostesses greet guests, can take them to the gaming table, answer questions or show the assortment of drinks in the casino.

The main task of the hostess is to give the visitor a sense of comfort and provide good reception to create a desire to return to the gambling club again and again.

Average salary: $34,000 a year.

Requirements: Pleasant appearance, competent speech.  

Casino Managers

Managers are types of jobs at the casino with managerial activities. These people hold the entire functioning of the gambling establishment:

· They manage the maintenance and receiving staff;

· They keep accounting records;

· Assign responsibilities and tasks to members of the entire team.

· They work with clients (complaints, resolving issues, communicating with VIP clients).

Of course, all this is still stressful because the casino manager has a lot of responsibility and has to keep track of everything that is included in his duties. And it’s very wide. But on the other hand, such jobs in the casino industry are very well paid. On average, a casino manager can receive up to $50,000.

VIP Manager

Work’s features: Many gaming clubs offer special conditions for regular guests and high rollers (those who play for large bets).

Clients receive special club cards, additional entertainment, service, and a personal manager. In addition, this person provides special guests with an additional service: advice on games can book a hotel room or taxi service for a guest.

Average salary: from $ 51,000 a year.

Requirements: Politeness, pleasant speech, stress tolerance, efficiency, ability to find solutions for different situations, correctness.

Gaming Manager

Work’s features: Such an employee of the casino may somehow resemble the pit boss and the administration in their duties, with the difference that his main competence is still games. The game manager can intervene if someone is playing dishonestly or if there is a need for direct resolution of disputes between the dealer and the guests of the gaming club. Usually, those who started as casino dealers “grow up” to such a position.

Average salary: about $55,000.

Requirements: Thorough knowledge of the rules of casino games, casino experience, pleasant speech, and stress resistance.

Pit Boss and Pit Clerk in the Casino

The gaming clubs also have jobs at the casino that are responsible for the order in the gameplay. They monitor casino players, adhere to compliance with local laws, settle conflicts, and much more.

Pit Clerk

Work’s features: In another way, this vacancy could be called “pit boss assistant.” Pit clerks can issue orders to other team members and monitor the players’ behavior:

  • Average bets
  • The intensity of these bets
  • The issuance of markers
  • Instructions to the rest of the casino staff

The pit clerk also works a lot at the computer. At the same time, he can replace the pit boss or eventually even take up this position.

Average salary: from $38,000 a year or more.

Requirements: Understanding the gambling industry, carefulness, accuracy, confident use of the PC, attentiveness.

Pit Boss

Work’s features: The classic image of the pit boss is such a manager over all the managers in the casino. He watches everything: how dealers play, how they serve guests, what happens in the hall. The pit boss also settles conflict situations and monitors compliance with the law and the game’s rules. He also communicates with the supervisory authorities and provides them with reports.

This is one of the most reputable jobs in the casino industry, so it offers the most solid salaries. But you need to understand that this is a very stressful position.

Average salary: from $66,000 a year or more.

Requirements: Again, work experience in a casino, competent speech, knowledge of several languages, leadership qualities, understanding of all the nuances of the gambling industry, risk management skills, stress tolerance, and ability to resolve conflicts.

Casino Cashier

Work’s features: The main task of the cashier is to exchange chips and tokens for money and vice versa. At the same time, being a casino cashier is a very responsible job.

They should be careful not to let themselves be deceived or cheated because the gambling sector has a lot of fraudsters. At the end of his shift, the cashier is obliged to close the cash register, report on the tokens, and make sure that there are no miscalculations.

Average salary: $23,000 per year.

Requirements: Attentiveness, punctuality, accuracy.

Casino Dealers

Work’s features: This is one of the main categories of vacancies in the casino. Dealers (also known as croupiers) fulfill several key casino goals: entertain guests, create the image of a gaming club and provide it with profit by playing with visitors.

Being a dealer means knowing the rules of all casino games, being able to control your emotions, and even being a bit of an actor. To do this, potential employees go through dealer schools and study all types of card games and the roulette game rules.

It is also worth understanding that the dealer is working on his feet. It is also working with people who came to the casino to lose and win. This means that they will be in various moral states simultaneously: from joyful generosity to complete despair or even anger. Therefore, you also need to be able to work with different clients.

Average salary: The average croupier receives $35,000 a year, depending on the position.

Requirements:  Attentiveness, punctuality, accuracy.


Jobs in The Casino Industry


Online Casino Staff

Online casinos are a sphere at the junction of two industries: gambling and IT. IGaming employs those directly related to gambling (classic casino professions) and those who create virtual content for those who want to play online.

Virtual Casino Games Developer 

Features of the work: Online players wouldn’t have much to choose from if it weren’t for these employees. These people create the entire range of virtual entertainment: from slots to interactive live casinos. They also develop software for online casinos, release updates to existing games, or create solutions for the security of players and casinos.

Average salary: varies, depending on the position and skills: from $40,000 to even $126,000 (so much is offered in the position of Game Mathematical Consultant).

Requirements: Knowledge of the necessary programming language, punctuality, and analytical thinking.

Affiliate Manager

Work’s features: If you create your online casino and want to promote it on the Internet, you need this specialist. This employee is looking for possible partners for promotion, works with offers, and prepares promotions to attract new players.

Average salary: up to $104,000 per year.

Requirements: Management and marketing skills, ability to negotiate with clients, creativity.

Online Dealer

Work’s features: An online dealer performs the same functions as a croupier in a land-based casino. He leads the game and explains the game’s basic rules to the player. The difference is that the online dealer is sitting in the studio, in front of the cameras. He does not see the client because communication with people here is minimized.

At the same time, a remote casino employee must also comply with the dress code: men wear white shirts, vests, and bow ties; women either wear the same uniform or dress and apply discreet makeup.

For such work, you also need to go through a croupier’s school and learn the subtleties of playing poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

Average salary: $35,000.

Requirements: Good looks, attentiveness, correct speech, sometimes knowledge of several languages.

Account Manager

Work’s features: Every online casino visitor who plays for money has his account. Users top up their accounts for real bets, activate bonuses, and withdraw their winnings to cards or wallets. Periodically, players need help in solving some issues, such as:

· Accrual of bonuses. 

· Problems logging in to your account.

· Personal promotions. 

· Problems with depositing or withdrawing winnings.

For such cases, account managers are needed to help understand, inform about new promotions, and notify about the receipt of money to the gaming account.

Average salary: $35,000.

Requirements: a confident PC user, sociability, attentiveness, correctness.

Data on salaries and what jobs are there in a casino are taken from 

The sphere of gambling entertainment offers unlimited opportunities for career achievements. Moreover, representatives of professions from the service sector and “IT specialists” can find themselves here. Many casino employees start their careers as dealers or waiters and eventually become managers or pit bosses, earning $4,000 a month.

The casino can also offer good conditions and salaries for those who prefer to work online. The iGaming sphere is developing rapidly and offers good salaries to content managers, programmers, and online dealers. Working in the gambling industry is the key to financial growth and career independence.


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