10 weirdest Jobs in the World: Top 10

LC Work YouTube channel has put together a list of unique and even weird professions that arose due to the unusual needs of people around the globe. Maybe, these jobs are not so common, but they will definitely make the lives of people who chose these professions interesting and fulfilling.

10 weirdest Jobs in the World: Top 10

Valentyn Ihnatiev

14.09.2022 | 09:34



Thus, among such jobs, which are sometimes even worthy of envy, is the Lego sculptor. It is a person that uses Lego figures to creates entire worlds, which are commissioned by commercial clients, including the Lego company itself. For those who haven’t lost connection with their inner child, it will be not only a dream job but also a source of high income.

A Lego sculptor’s salary, however, is nothing compared to the income of a golf ball catcher. Turns out, losing these balls in the ponds located here and there on the fields is a fairly common problem at golf clubs. So, the clubs hire divers that can retrieve several hundred balls in one day.

A professional hugger has a rather unique job. Yes, some people are ready to pay others for hugs. Obviously, there have to be hygiene requirements for both parties of such physical contact. Otherwise, it will make this task much more difficult. It would be appropriate for the hugger to have a psychology education, as the essence of this job is not only in hugs but also in psychological support provided to the “customer”.

In our video, you can find more details about these and other strange jobs: what is their essence, what is the average salary, and what are the requirements for candidates. 


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