5 phrases every subordinate hates

One of the qualities of a good leader is the ability to build effective interaction and trusting communication with subordinates. This doesn't mean you have to become friends.

5 phrases every subordinate hates

Tatiana Yermolenko

19.01.2022 | 09:14



Sometimes being too friendly can get in the way of work. It is also worth avoiding arrogance in communication, condescension, and irritability. Besides that, there are negative phrases that should be forgotten forever. Remember that not every subordinate likes to communicate with superiors. Some of them avoid this out of fear, others may not share the policy of the leadership. By using the phrases listed below, you can turn even the most loyal and kind of employees against you. As a result, you will not achieve high performance from your subordinates - offended, unhappy specialists can only decrease their labor productivity.

Job search site Login Casino Work has compiled a list of the most annoying and hateful phrases that subordinates can hear from a manager. If you recognize that any of them are characteristic of your vocabulary, get rid of them immediately.

  1. "We're not holding anyone here" is the undoubted leader. Every subordinate hates a phrase that makes him feel the fear of being fired if he disagrees with his boss. It is simply impossible to work effectively under such pressure. This phrase is absolutely stupid from the subordinates’ motivation perspective since only those employees who feel their own importance can work for the result.
  2. “They were hired by ad,” says the boss, who is dissatisfied with the level of professionalism of the people working for him/her. When subordinates hear this, they get angry and feel humiliated. More often than not, such statements push good specialists out of the door. Nobody wants to work for companies that don't value their employees.
  3. “It's none of your business” is often heard by employees of companies and departments, where everything that does not relate to the direct duties of an employee is a secret. By saying such phrases to subordinates, management demonstrates open distrust. Of course, it is not necessary to dedicate every employee to all the details of the business. However, it is necessary for a specialist to understand the general policy of the organization and the direction of development. A good example: negative information about your company appeared in the press. Naturally, every worker wants to know what is going on because he is worried about his job. Wise executives will convene a general meeting at which they can briefly and clearly explain what is happening. An indifferent boss will dismiss his subordinates.
  4. "You weren't asked!" - a specialist may hear in response to a proposal to make some changes to the workflow in order to achieve greater efficiency. Having reached a leadership position, some people prefer to rely solely on their knowledge and experience. This is a sign of a weak leader, who is afraid of criticism and does not want to accept the fact that one of the subordinates can understand something better than him. A competent leader understands that it is impossible to know everything. Times are changing, technology is developing rapidly, and keeping track of everything is quite difficult. Therefore, if a subordinate comes to him/her with a rational idea, the leader will listen and help with the implementation. What has an ineffective manager achieved? Firstly, the subordinate was offended, and secondly, what if the idea was really worthwhile and would help solve some work issues or optimize costs?
  5. “I will deduct from the salary” - such a phrase is often pronounced for some trifle. You may be late for work, skip a day or eat some cookies. First, such deductions are illegal, so these phrases should not be spoken at all. A subordinate can be deprived of a bonus but not part of the salary for minor sins. Employees working under such a boss begin to think about dismissal eventually.

A competent leader does not just manage a department or enterprise. He/she understands that the main value of the company is the employees. Therefore, he/she tries to build effective relationships with them based on respect and trust, and not on intimidation. If you want to get respect from your subordinates, treat them with respect.

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