5 Phrases Employees of Toxic Companies Are Used To

Companies, like people, are different. Often the atmosphere that prevails in the team depends on the leader, the ability or inability to form an effective team and manage a well-coordinated team.

5 фраз, к которым привыкли сотрудники токсичных компаний

Oksana Korotich

03.11.2021 | 07:29



The results of many studies show that the most productive team is the one in which the leader is the leader. However, even today there are enterprises in which the toxic environment has become part of everyday life. What to do if you got a job in Kyiv or another city in one of these organizations? How to unmistakably understand from the first days that this is a toxic company, and how, in this case, to build relationships with colleagues and superiors? A problem is easier to solve when you know how to recognize it. Therefore, LCWork has collected the most toxic phrases for readers: if you hear them or their variations, you should make a decision - reconcile, leave, or try to at least change something.


1. If you don’t like it, leave, we don’t keep anyone here by force.

This is perhaps the most common line at the head of all sorts of toxic phrases, and thanks to it you can understand why the company has such a high turnover of personnel. Such an environment worsens, and slows down the work process, since more and more new employees, of course, need time to fully integrate into the work process, and adapt to new working conditions. What to do if any conflicts with colleagues, managers are resolved in one way - an offer to quit.

2. A toxic team believes that “everything is working so well, nothing needs to be changed.”

Some processes affect all spheres of human life around us every day. If a company intends to become a market leader, it inevitably introduces advanced technologies, follows leading trends, and uses innovative tools and techniques. But this is not about a toxic company that has been completely taken over by conservatism and an unwillingness to take advantage of progress. If your initiative to improve any process is answered with such a phrase, nothing good awaits either this company or you in it.

3. Who did it? So how can you be...

Even the most gifted and smart employees make mistakes and mistakes. If the leader starts shouting, insults, and publicly scolding, instead of helping the subordinates figure out what they were wrong about, correct themselves, and draw conclusions for the future, something needs to be decided. The new employees found themselves in a difficult situation, they faced people who are not able or unwilling to give adequate feedback and maintain healthy relationships in the team.

4. I have more experience and knowledge, I know better how to do / You won’t succeed, let me do it myself.

Devaluation is another call that indicates that you are in a toxic team. Often, each company has one or more informal leaders, depending on the size of the team. And what could be better for the team than a leader who behaves adequately in relation to others? It’s a sad sight if toxic phrases in the company come from the leader. Then, because of one person, the efficiency of the whole team suffers. An annoying employee behaves arrogantly, and belittles the merits of others, but everywhere demonstrates his own superiority, especially in front of newcomers. At the same time, a boss may not even guess how tactless he or she is. What's the way out? You can try to fight back, correctly explain that such behavior is unacceptable, and discourages the desire to put effort into doing your job. Sometimes it helps.

5. Well, now it will begin...

This is what employees whisper after the arrival of the head if they notice that he is in a bad mood. If the atmosphere in the team depends on the mood of the management, things are bad - the company can rightly be called toxic.

The first thing any reasonable person would do in such a situation would be to open a job search site and start looking through the posted jobs. Even if the work itself is a vocation, a matter that is to your liking and according to your abilities. But what if we do not make hasty decisions and try to intervene first, try to change the situation? If you notice the first manifestations of unacceptable behavior, toxic phrases coming from someone, do not be silent. Talk loudly about what you do not like, and do not tolerate, this will not solve the problem. Think about the possible consequences, who knows, maybe they will listen to you and you won’t even have to leave.

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