4 Things To Say To Make Your Boss Love You

Often a specialist works for a long time in one position and does not get promoted. Why? As long as we do not speak up about our desires to others, they think that everything is ok.

4 Things To Say To Make Your Boss Love You

Tatiana Yermolenko

03.02.2022 | 03:36



And it should be done with dignity, especially when it comes to career growth. Communicating with management has its “ secret keys” that will help an employee be noticed by their boss and get a new role. Login Casino Work has prepared four phrases for readers to say to their bosses if they want to get their attention.

How can I help my company achieve its goals?

These are the words every manager wants to hear. They show that the employee cares not only about personal achievements but also about the overall goals of the team and the organization. By offering to help, the employee demonstrates their interest in the project's success.

I noticed that this task was not done, so I took responsibility

Today’s managers value enterprising employees. Do not be afraid to take on more than your job description prescribes. Even if it leads to a bit of overwork, it is justified. Of course, observe the measure and do not do the work for others. You do not have to regularly run to him with questions and permissions to please the boss. If you see that you have enough knowledge, resources, and authority to fill some gaps in your work - do it.

I agree with you!

Even if you disagree, positive statements help you speak persuasively. A writer Sandra Lamb, whose famous book “3 000 Power Words And Phrases For Effective Performance,” suggests using the phrases “Certainly this must be considered…,” or “This is a successful start to a project…,” in discussions with the senior management.

I would be happy to take on this task

Willingness to show initiative and take responsibility indicates an employee’s willingness and ability to see things through. Such specialists make a significant contribution to the project’s success, help the team achieve positive results, and have no problems with how to please the boss.

It is worth noting that all of the above should be said sincerely. Only if you feel confident in your strength and ability to complete what you started, you should not deceive not only the boss but also yourself. Otherwise, you will only harm yourself and definitely will not build a career.

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