Five Tips to Make Your Day More Productive

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Five Tips to Make Your Day More Productive

Tatiana Yermolenko

21.03.2022 | 12:24



You must have noticed how quickly time passes. Sometimes it seems that the day has just begun, and then it is evening, and very little has been done. In addition, regularly something distracts, confuses thoughts, interferes with work. Meanwhile, the pile of things to do is getting bigger. Why this is happening, how to make the day more productive, tells the employment site in the gambling industry Login Casino Work.

Review your current daily routine

The first thing first is to analyze how a typical working day is currently going. Determine the factors, the degree of their influence on the productivity of your activities. To track them, you can use various mobile applications. Today, there is a large selection of tools that allow you to collect personal statistics and increase the speed of the Internet. Remember, every time you're distracted from work by social media, texting friends, personal phone calls, etc. Then you have to spend 23 minutes refocusing on the current task. As a result, a lot of time is wasted. Therefore, before you get to work, reduce the number of distractions during the working day. Set your phone to vibrate, turn off the sounds of messages in non-working messengers, remove unnecessary things from the desktop. Thus, you can tune in to a productive day and minimize the waste of precious time on distractions.

Determine the peak of your productivity

Each person has their their birth. Some go to bed early, get up early and work briskly from 8:00 to 12:00. By the way, scientists believe that larks are less prone to procrastination. For others, the peak of labor activity occurs in the evening, and in the morning they are of little use. Try to move important matters to a more favorable time for work. Thus, it will be better to concentrate on the project, to be on time more, without spending a lot of time on work.

Get the most out of it

Look at the time as a resource. To create a product or complete a certain task, you need to invest X time. What benefit will you get from such an investment? Can the costs justify themselves? This is a good method to do more useful things in a day, and not waste precious hours and minutes. In addition, optimizing your working time today will help you spend more time on leisure tomorrow. Use these tools:

  1. Planning. Make a to-do list, prioritize and schedule the tasks for the day, week, month. Try to choose only the most important tasks from the general list and concentrate your attention on solving them. It is better to do fewer but important tasks than many trifling ones.
  2. Automation. Now there are a huge number of opportunities for using digital assistants even in everyday life. Use the various features of mail services to sort mail, the power of the browser to fill out many electronic forms, and so on. In a word, automate everything you can.
  3. Delegation. What takes a lot of time and cannot be automated, entrust to assistants, interns, or outsource. If someone else can handle such tasks, let him do it, while you take care of more important things.
  4. Visualization. Use a calendar. Even the most ordinary Google calendar can more clearly demonstrate how long a process will take, how many things can be done within a certain period.
  5. Limit working hours.
  6. If you want to have a productive working day, reduce the number of working hours when scheduling tasks. If you set a limit, you will have to focus on the most important tasks and not waste time on trifles, social networks, and constantly browsing the news. For example, an 8-hour day can be made 6-hour and try to complete all the planned tasks during this time. As a result, you will get also time to relax and do not have to worry about deadlines or outstanding tasks.

Let go of the little things

Most people waste their time on activities that are of absolutely no use. It can be empty meetings and endless calls to colleagues, as well as social networks. Moreover, the latter is considered one of the most significant time resource eaters. If you have to work in Kyiv or any other big city, you need to learn how to manage your time, optimize the costs of doing various things. In cities, time passes too quickly, you should not waste it on trifles.

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