How War Affects Business Survival

In the new release of the WorkAnuti podcast, the LC Work team talked with Semyon Dukach, the Managing Partner at One Way Ventures and former Managing Director at TechStars.

How War Affects Business Survival

Oksana Korotich

15.07.2022 | 12:27



In a conversation with an expert, the hosts touched upon such important topics as investing, current trends in the development of start-ups in a war, as well as what businesses should do to survive in times of crisis.

“In wartime, there are a lot more really important things that people are willing to pay a lot for.”

The expert emphasized that during the war it is much more important to find not an investor for a new business, but a buyer who is ready to pay for the proposed product.

The main topics of the interview with Semyon were:

  • Adapting to the market and change of direction during the war.
  • The expediency of starting a new business during the war.
  • The most promising industries for launching new projects.
  • Sources of funding for businesses in times of war.
  • Qualities that distinguish a truly promising entrepreneur from the others.
  • One Way Ventures initiatives to help Ukraine, the Armed Forces, or refugees.
  • Checklist of things that a novice startupper needs to implement.

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