How to Change Profession so as Not to Step on the Same Rake?

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Как поменять профессию, чтобы не наступить на те же грабли

Tatiana Yermolenko

21.02.2022 | 02:11



Psychologists say that changing a profession is comparable to moving to another country. At first, a person gathers for a long time, plans, put things together, worries. What awaits them in a new place, will he be able to settle down and settle down with the expected comfort?


After a change of place of work (residence), there comes a period of getting used to it. The new employee feels like a stranger among the new team, where everyone has known each other for a long time, has established rules and “own” jokes. Quite often, in a new place, you have to change old habits in order, at best, to feel like your own person in a few months. Well, if a new place is to your liking, then the experience was worth it. And if the situation only worsened compared to the previous place of work?

A job change, like a change of residence, is accompanied by stress. A person is embraced by a cocktail of emotions - relief, happiness, balance, pride. Or, on the contrary, they plunge into a deep depression if things do not go as expected. Why is this happening, how to make a new profession a joy and bring not only financial profit but also moral satisfaction, says the job search site Login Casino Work.

Common reasons for a failed job change

So, why did it happen that in the new place everything was not as rosy as expected? Most often this happens if:

  • the situation on the labor market in the chosen niche is poorly studied;
  • the person could not figure out his motivation;
  • the reasons for dissatisfaction were not dependent on the place of work.

Usually, it is for one of these reasons that failures occur. A person thinks that in a new profession he or she will be able to find himself, will earn more, build a successful career. In reality, it turns out the other way around or not as expected.

In order not to waste time, energy, and nerves on actions that do not bring a positive result, you must first answer a few questions.

Why did you need to change your profession?

Is it possible to solve the current situation in simpler ways?

Sometimes it is enough to change the team and management for things to get better and work to go like clockwork. The cause of discomfort may be the desire of a person to receive higher wages and have better working conditions, but there is a lack of determination to tell this directly to management. Or the employee has no desire to take on more responsibility and perform more complex tasks. Then only a psychologist or a motivational coach can help. Changing jobs or areas of activity won’t bring a positive result. There can be many reasons for dissatisfaction with life, and it is better to ask a specialist for help if you can’t deal with them yourself.

Things are completely different if the persistent feeling that the usual field of activity does not give the desired development does not leave. And once the favorite work does not give energy and does not inspire level the reason for the desire to change the type of activity may brevity is rather banal reasons, such as difficulties with finding a job.

What is the purpose of a career change?

To answer this question, you need to think carefully and imagine the expected result. Ideally, make a list of questions, the answers to which will give a clear description of the future place of work. You need to ask yourself: which area is preferable? What position in the chosen direction would be ideal? What mode of work suits me - will it be office work, remote work, or freelance work? Do I want to work in a large team or will it be more comfortable in a narrow circle of like-minded people? What is more preferable - a high salary or a good social package? Only if you have the answers to all these questions, it is worth changing the profession to a more preferable option. Be sure to ask about your future profession. Explore its positive and negative sides. Now a lot of information can be found on the Internet. In addition, for sure in your circle of acquaintances, a person is working in the specialty of interest. Ask in an informal setting to talk about the responsibilities and what employers require for newcomers. Consult on options for training and obtaining a new specialty. You can also read feature articles, watch movies or videos on YouTube. In addition to working conditions and responsibilities, study the statistics of wages in the industry. After all, for sure, the current profession does not suit you, including for financial reasons. Will the new job pays more and when?

What needs to be done to change the profession

If the preliminary stage with the study of information about the future profession has been passed and everything suits you, then you need to start drawing up an action plan. The first thing you will most likely have to start with is training. There are quite a few options to learn a new profession today. Especially when it comes to the field of information technology. To become, for example, a tester, it is not necessary to enter one of the universities and spend years studying a large amount of theoretical information. It is much more rational to choose one of the commercial courses and master a new profession in a few months. Large IT companies open training centers at their base, where you can also get an education. In addition, quite often the best students are offered employment after graduation.

For those who want to save money and not spend money on courses, there are many free video tutorials, webinars. With a strong will and serious motivation, as well as such personal qualities as organization and self-discipline, you can master a new profession on your own.

After gaining sufficient knowledge to find your first job, you can start looking for a job in Kyiv or other cities. Be prepared for the fact that an applicant without work experience may be offered an internship and it will not always be paid. You should not refuse such an opportunity, since at the first stage it is more important to gain experience, get acquainted with industry representatives, and make contacts.

At first, it will be difficult, as there will be many mistakes and criticism. You may have to go through reproaches from loved ones. Be patient if you decide to take this step.

Does age matter? It is quite possible to start learning a new profession even after 45 years. However, it all depends on the ultimate goal, abilities, and motivation of each person.


It always seems to us that the neighbor's fence is higher and the children are more obedient. Is it? Will you be comfortable in the new conditions to perform new tasks and responsibilities? Before deciding to take such a step as a change of profession, you need to carefully consider and weigh everything. Have you thought about it and are determined? Then act! With the choice of vacancies in one of the most promising industries in Ukraine - gambling - the job search site Login Casino Work will help. In order not to miss the hottest offers, subscribe to site updates and our pages on social networks!

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