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Вакансия от 15 марта 2023

Senior Software Developer

  • от 5 лет
  • Удаленная работа

Job Description:

Looking for Senior Full Stack Developer (80% support; 20% development) to work with a set of applications for the Factory Control Center.The purpose of those applications is real-time visibility of the processes and factors impacting production, highlighting critical metrics in real-time, and triggering alarms based on thresholds.
Working hours: Flexible with occasional on-call responsibility

You will be expected to:
· Product development (new features mainly) using cutting edge technologies like .NET Core v3, Angular v9, MS-SQL (Development tasks will span all area)- Integrate 3rd party external APIs with in house built software components
· Write automated tests (unit/component/integration, TDD-ish thinking)
· Debugging, fixing bugs, refactor
· AWS Cloud development, Kubernetes
· Work with Azure DevOps for collaboration and CI/CD. Git version control
· Involvement of Proof-of-concept development
· Tackle and solve challenging problems
· Proactively planning and executing housekeeping activities in coordination with developer colleagues
· Work in Agile environment as being a valuable member of a Scrum team
· Being a part of a multinational global team
· Using English as a primary verbal and written communication
· New ideas and innovations are welcome
· Involvement in software architecture/design
· Review code work for accuracy and functionality
· Consult and cooperate with Business analyst, Technical lead and other teams
· Participate actively on team meetings, ceremonies share knowledge with others
· Mentoring, supporting teammates


· Aware of all the foundations and concepts of software development and IT in general rock solid C# and .NET/.NET core programming knowledge (5 years+)
· Advanced skills in C#,, MVC, .Net Core, RESTFUL API, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, CSS, MSSQL/PostgreSQL.
· ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebAPI (RESTful) web development knowledge
· Proficiency in Visual Studio 2019 and code Message Queuing (such as RabbitMQ)
· Able to write quality code every day (clean code, SOLID principles, Software craftmanship)HTML5/CSS/JavaScript skills
· Deep experience in Angular SPA development including TypeScript knowledge
· Upper-intermediate English.
· Knowledge of jQuery, AngularJS
· Hands on source code version control skills (preferably Git)
· Knowledge of a collaboration tool (preferably Azure DevOps)
· Proven track record of delivering .NET/Angular web applications
· Stable knowledge of databases, especially Microsoft SQL Server

Вакансия от 15 марта 2023

Junior .NET Developer

Globaldev Group
  • от 1 года
  • Удаленная работа

We are looking for a talented Junior .NET Engineer to join our Ukrainian team.

The ideal candidate is a passionate and energetic engineer with deep technical understanding and a strong desire to grow and bring value by holding on to the best coding practices and be a valuable team member.

- 1+ years of relevant engineering experience;
- Good knowledge of .NET 6, C#;
- Good knowledge of ASP.NET Core WEB API, Unit Testing;
- Good knowledge of MS SQL;
- Extensive experience with GIT;
- Have strong written and verbal communication skills in English.

Will be a plus:
- Experience with Multithreading, Entity Framework;
- Experience with the Scrum methodology;
- Experience with RabbitMQ;
- Experience with ElasticSearch, Kibana;
- Commercial experience with Enterprise Design Patterns, Micro-Service Architecture;
- You thrive on creative, out-of-the-box solutions and enjoy working in a collaborative team.

What we offer:
- Direct cooperation with already successful, long-term and growing project;
- Health insurance with premium-level clinics;
- Covered 20 days of vacations and 10 days of sick leave;
- Your PE bookkeeping will be maintained by a professional accountant;
- Attendance of conferences and tech events in Ukraine and/or Europe;
- Last but not least — fair compensation for your efforts.

- Develop and maintain high-quality applications and specialized services that respond to business needs;
- Develop and maintain integration tests for our services (NUnit);
- Collaborate directly with stakeholders within the distributed team environment and with other teams to integrate systems developed by them;
- Review the code of your peers to help maintain high coding standards;
- Actively participate in the product development process;
- Keep abreast of the latest development techniques and industry developments;
- Be involved with the troubleshooting and resolution of defects in the software;
- Achieve goals as part of a Scrum team.

Вакансия от 15 марта 2023

Middle . Net developer with experience in EDI integration on e-commerce platform

  • от 2 лет
  • Неполная занятость, Удаленная работа

You must have real experience in EDI integration on e-commerce platform like Amazon Waltmar eBay

Middle .Net Developer:
Our product has independent micro-service to sync data from ECommerce platforms: Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc

Actively work on API / EDI integrations.
Report and describe issues in detail, consult with the business side to make sure the system behaves correctly.
Sprint planning, estimation and decomposition with the development team.

- Real-world experience (no less than 3 years) of working with the following fundamental technologies
- NET 4.5 or higher, .Net Core 3.1 or higher, ASP.NET MVC, T-SQL, Dependency Injection
- Ability to write code that follows established SOLID and Clean Code guidelines
- Ability to write unit and integration tests
- Knowledge of best practices and principles for building architecture
- Knowledge of design patterns and refactoring
- Fluent English
- REAL experience with API integrations
- EDI experience will be a big plus

Вакансия от 15 марта 2023

.NET developer

  • от 2 лет
  • Полная занятость, Удаленная работа

InVerita is looking for .NET developer to join really an ambitious team

3+ years of commercial .NET development experience
knowledge of .NET Core 3.1+ .Net 6
Experience with MS SQL
Experience with EF
Experience with Hangfire
Distributed Cache (e.g. Redis)
System Events via Message Broker
Experience with GIT / Azure DevOps
Experience with Docker
Experience with Unit tests
Experience with distributed systems and UnitOfWork pattern
Knowledge of DDD
Being result-oriented, ability to make things done
Strong commitment to responsibilities and team spirit
Independent and target-oriented
English level: Upper Intermediate or higher.

Would be plus:
ASP .Net Zero, Dapper, masstransit

Development of new functionality;
Unit test coverage;
Fixing and improving existing functionality, collaboration with cross-functional teams;
Take a part of team activities.

Project description:
Product is a quite complex healthcare fertility product and tries to address several areas of patients' lives.
Tech. Stack: Microsoft family, .Net 5/6, Angular 13, MS SQL. Asp.Net Zero Platform
Team size - 18 people on our side (developers, QA's, BA's, CSM, UI/UX designers) and 3 people on the client side.

Benefits and social package:
Career and professional development opportunities;
Regular performance evaluation and salary revision;
Flexible working hours;
Remote work opportunities;
Certifications and courses financed or co-financed by the company;
20 working days of paid vacation per business year and 11 paid Ukrainian official holidays;
10 paid sick leaves;
Medical Insurance;
The internal mentorship program, corporate training, and events;
Opportunities for free continual English courses of all levels;
Partial compensation for sports and Amazon books;
Regular massage therapy;
Great team parties, company events, and branded presents;
Company legal and accounting support;
Comfortable office, equipped with everything you need and round-the-clock access;
Relocation package.

Вакансия от 15 марта 2023

.NET Integration lead

  • от 5 лет
  • Полная занятость, Удаленная работа

You deliver integration projects from beginning to end, according to the solution vision;
Design and implementation of To-Be integration architecture within all internal systems ecosystem;
Responsible for ensuring the frictionless process of solution delivery, including team leadership, stakeholder communication, ensuring tech&business metrics along the way;
Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion;
You mentor, motivate, and supervise project team members, influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work;
Understand the technical implications of features and how to break them down into stories that adhere to the INVEST principles;
Facilitate epics and user stories refinements to make sure development teams understand the scope;
You drive the pace and quality of decisions on the corporate software development teams;
Develop business features according to product roadmap by writing quality and maintainable code with unit test coverage;
Team architecture/design decisions facilitation & evaluation of adherence to the business requirements;
You suggest technical and functional improvements to add value to the product;
You facilitate estimation of large and complex milestones;
Proactively identify tech debt that is preventing efficient software delivery;
Together with DevOps, you set up code quality best practices (SonarQube, JSLint, etc.);
Monitoring of code quality metrics and supervision of their continuous improvement;
Technology decisions justification in front of business stakeholders.
You are a seasoned software engineer, well-versed in C#/.Net with at least 5 years of experience;
Strong understanding of OOD and software design patterns;
API Development skills;
Must have experience with Logic Apps;
Solid experience with CI\CD implementation;
Experienced in designing and building microservices architectures (incl. serverless), micro-frontends, resolving complex integration scenarios;
Proficient in Enterprise Integration patterns;
Strong experience with one of message broker platforms e.g. Service Bus, RabbitMQ, MuleSoft;
Have a good feel of Identity&Access management protocols (OpenId Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML) and products (Okta, AD/Azure AD, Cognito, etc.);
You've been guiding projects using Continuous Delivery approaches e.g TDD, Continuous Integration, Infrastructure automation, etc.;
You have a perfect understanding of storage, compute options of Azure, their pros and cons how they differ;
You have a proven track of records engaging in the delivery process of large and complex enterprise application systems, familiar with the work involved in each link of the project delivery process;
Understand the aspects of application migration, data migration, security and compliance, and is able to propose solutions to common problems;
With legacy system migration experience, able to design migration plans, have a large amount of legacy data migration implementation experience and strong code reading ability;
You can collaborate with diverse technical delivery teams to build service-based architecture to scale and innovate.

Вакансия от 28 февраля 2023

Senior .NET Developer→ switch to Golang

  • от 5 лет
  • Удаленная работа

Базові кваліфікації:

- Понад 6 років досвіду створення якісного коду на .NET та/або інша бекенд мова
- Можливість швидко освоїти нові технології та почати контріб’ютити в проєкт
- Готовність до переходу на Golang
- Обов'язковий досвід роботи з Kubernetes
- Хороші технічні навички та досвід керування проєктами. Здатність направляти та менторити членів команди
- Досвід роботи з хмарними сервісами та continuous-deployment проєктами
- Вміння та здатність працювати в команді
- Здатність визначати пріоритетність задач
- Англійська Upper-Intermediate+ (В2+) для щоденного спілкування з командою.

Щоденні обовʼязки:

- Робота з голосовими/відео потоками та транскрипціями в реальному часі для вилучення даних та корисних відомостей
- Аналіз релевантності отриманих даних, продуктивності алгоритмів та оцінка продуктивності сторонніх API обробки голосу
- Вміння працювати з high availability системою, яка має багато змінних частин, не всі з яких під вашим контролем
- Співпраця зі стейкхолдерами для того, щоб переконатися, що наші клієнти мають усі необхідні інструменти щоб бути успішними на платформі
- Пошук швидких способів створення прототипів та тестування можливих рішень для великих задач
- Аналіз стеку технологій для досягнення найвищої ефективності у вирішенні актуальних задач
- Робота над однією з найбільш помітних частин продукту.

Про команду та проєкт

Команда продукту має на меті створення найрозумнішого Voice Intelligence помічника для сфери продажів. Ви будете тісно співпрацювати з клієнтами, науковцями та продакт менеджерами, щоб сформувати майбутнє проєкту. У вас буде можливість долучатись до проєктування та впровадження нового функціоналу. Ви будете працювати з технологіями в розпізнавання мовлення, машинного навчання, cloud driven розробкою, високомасштабованими розподіленими системами.

Ми пропонуємо нашій команді:

- Можливість працювати з розробниками та менеджерами високого рівня із США
- Гнучкий графік в межах європейського часового поясу (тому вам не потрібно працювати вночі, просто відвідуйте вечірні зустрічі пару разів на тиждень).
- Paid leaves
- Медичне страхування
- Плановий перегляд розміру компенсації
- Вихідні дні відповідно до державних свят України
- Інтерактивне залучення до побудови та оптимізації процесів розробки
- Професійний розвиток
- Довгострокову співпрацю

Вакансия от 27 февраля 2023

Middle Full Stack .Net Engineer IRC172954

  • от 2 лет
  • Полная занятость, Удаленная работа


A project has the aim of developing system satellites (clients) working in the tandem with Medical Informatics system providing customer solutions. As a STEMI Management solution, the system is designed to real-time route patient data transmitted from compatible ECG monitors in order to provide diagnostic-quality information from the field (i.e., the pre-hospital setting) to the emergency department for diagnosis, disposition, and therapy decisions. As a STEMI Management solution, the system is designed for real-time collecting and visualization of ECG and other vital signs. The Code Management features allow clinicians and emergency team codify resuscitation procedure. The Asset Management features of the system allow equipment managers and other service personnel to determine and manage the readiness of their defibrillators and other equipment within their system. Additionally, the system supports the receiving and forwarding of data from monitoring devices for ongoing and post-event review.

- 3+ years of development experience with the .NET platform
- Experience with ASP.NET Core, SPA, SOA, Cloud services
- Basic JavaScript development experience
- Experience with Angular 2+
- Experience in client/server unit testing
- Experience with Azure infrastructure is a plus
- Good debugging, coding, and design skills
- Demonstrated ability to come up-to-speed quickly on a new technical domain/product area
- Good written and verbal communication skills

Job Responsibilities:
- Implement new features, unit tests, automated integration tests for the complex healthcare system
- Participate in estimation and planning sessions
- Investigate different complexity issues and debug code
- Business communication and close collaboration with all project stakeholders on a daily basis

What We Offer

Exciting Projects: With clients across all industries and sectors, we offer an opportunity to work on market-defining products using the latest technologies.

Collaborative Environment: You can expand your skills by collaborating with a diverse team of highly talented people in an open, laidback environment — or even abroad in one of our global centers or client facilities!

Work-Life Balance:GlobalLogic prioritizes work-life balance, which is why we offer flexible work schedules.

Professional Development:We develop paths suited to your individual talents through international knowledge exchanges and professional certification opportunities.

Excellent Benefits: We provide our employees with private medical care, sports facilities cards, group life insurance, travel insurance, relocation package, food subsidies and cultural activities.

Fun Perks:We want you to feel comfortable in your work, which is why we create good working environment with relax zones, host social and teambuilding activities and stock our kitchen with delicious teas and coffees!

Вакансия от 27 февраля 2023

.NET Lead

CHI Software
  • от 5 лет
  • Удаленная работа

We are looking for a Lead for the .NET department team.
We worked on projects from different business domains:
Fintech, Logistic, Healthcare, Business Apps, Telecommunications, e-Commerce, Science etc.

The CHI team is looking for a .NET Lead

We are looking for a Lead for the .NET department team.
We worked on projects from different business domains:
Fintech, Logistic, Healthcare, Business Apps, Telecommunications, e-Commerce, Science etc.

We have projects from scratch, as well as projects that are already being developed and you can join the team.

Your skills and expertise:
— 5+ years in development
— Experience with Lead activity
— Good knowledge of C#, ASP.NET WebApi, EntityFramework, DI, REST, OpenApi
— Good knowledge Azure Services
— Experience in configuring CI/CD using Azure DevOps pipelines
— Experience with NoSQL databases
— Good knowledge with MSSQLServer
— Good knowledge JS, Typescript
— Experience with Project Management tools (Atlassian Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence)
— Knowledge of SOLID principles участие в проектах и обязанности н
— Upper-Intermediate English Level
Will be a plus:
— Experience with Angular / React / Vue
— Experience with Serverless applications
— Experience with Microservices
— Experience with Agile Methodology (namely Scrum framework)
Your responsibilities:
— Identifing system requirements and prioritize tasks
— Designing clean, efficient code based on specifications
— Test and debug various .NET applications
— Providing and verifying both project-level and task-level estimates
— Раrtіcіраting іn desіgn revіew, cоde revіews, аnd рrоduct demоs
— Overseeing developers and evaluate their performance
Additional duties in department:
— Leadership/Mentorship of the team
— Review CV of candidates
— Candidate's interviews
— Estimation of a new projects
— Code review
— Conducting Perfomance review
— One-to-one meetings with team members.

We Offer:
— Competitive compensation and benefits
— Flexible working schedule
— Remote work or work in one of our development offices
— Covered rest period (20 business days+ 5 days-off)
— Professional grows: variety of projects, regular technical events, mentorship
— Free English classes (we have an amazing English teaching team)
— Speaking-club with a native English speaker
— Truly friendly atmosphere and teambuildings

About us: CHI Software is a development center with a team of 500+ experts and complex in-house expertises in different business domains and industries like retail, fintech, insurance etc. We work providing both managed delivery and team extension services to startups and reputed companies worldwide. On our projects we constantly keep up with the current technology trends, developing Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, AR/VR, Cloud (AWS, Azure) solutions.

Вакансия от 27 февраля 2023

Senior .NET Developer Romania (Cluj)

CHI Software
  • от 2 лет
  • Удаленная работа

The CHI team is looking for a Senior .NET Developer to join our team full-time in Romania (Cluj)
Location – Romania (Cluj)

We expect you to come to our clients office in Cluj at least 1-2 times a week to meet the team and work

With the help of our products, our customers, manage the equipment on the edge remotely, collect data, and can define and execute analytics and reporting at scale, to draw actionable insights that allow them to innovate faster while optimizing their operating costs, maintenance, and uptime.
For an existing team we are searching for additional talents for a development of a large-scale enterprise software. While developing new features on the backend of the application you can enjoy a high degree of freedom. Your expertise and knowledge will be important. A part of this project is also the necessary maintenance (up to 30% max).
We expect you to come to our clients office in Cluj at least 1-2 times a week to meet the team and work together.
 You will be responsible for end-to-end feature development on our enterprise BI solutions.
 You will design & develop new and challenging features as part of a dynamic and tech savvy team.
 You will work in big data environments using cutting edge technologiesYou will be responsible for all development phases including design, implementation, quality, delivery and maintenance
 You will be a part of a team that believes and adheres to the following:  Clean Code  SOLID principles  TDD or equivalent  Agile as a methodology
 You will work on mission-critical features that will have a huge impact on the functioning of global semi-conductor manufacturing
 You will be responsible for identifying performance bottlenecks and ensuring that our code keeps to the most optimal standards
 B.Sc. in Computer Science  4-5+ years of experience with application development using C# .NET framework
 Experience with relational database (SQL/Vertica)
 Experience with Desktop application development
 Experience in multithreading (TPL, async functions)Experience in large scale enterprise software development (Monolith architecture)
 Deep understanding of Object-Oriented Development, Architecture, and Design
 Experience in ASP.NET
 .NET core experience
 Experience with RabbitMQ
 Experience with performance improvement
We Offer:
 Flexible working schedule  Remote work or work in one of our development offices  Covered rest period (20 business days+ 5 days-off)  Professional grows: variety of projects, regular technical events, mentorship  Free English classes (we have an amazing English teaching team)  Speaking-club with a native English speaker  Truly friendly atmosphere and teambuildings

Вакансия от 6 февраля 2023

Senior .NET Core Backend Dev

  • от 2 лет
  • Полная занятость, Удаленная работа

To strengthen our team of developers for a 2-3 months project (IMPORTANT) we’re looking for a senior backend developer with extensive experience in developing with .NET Core, consuming Azure resources, and ideally document processing with the Aspose.Slides library.

Our latest project is an MS Office JS add-in. Its UI is realized with Angular 13 and the backend is written with .NET Core 7.0 and 6.0.

What you bring with you:

* 3+ years of exp with .Net Core (6.0)
* Entity Framework Core (Extensive experience)
* Azure Service Bus, and Azure Storage Account (Working experience)
* Authentication and authorization in .NET Core (Working experience)
* Microservices Architecture (Working experience)
* Adherence to Clean Architecture, Onion, DDD
* Unit Testing
* Agile teamwork (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)

Ideally you also have experience with:

* Aspose.Slides library (Working experience)

What you can expect:

You’ll work at a high level as a regular member of our experienced and committed international team and will take part in all team-related events and activities.

Your tasks will cover a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge, with a lot of potential to learn new things. You work directly on solutions with high relevance for our customers and create a noticeable added value for users and companies.

Программирование .Net

Выбирая специальность программиста, многие молодые люди задаются вопросом – какое направление выбрать для дальнейшего развития, какой язык программирования учить? Это важный выбор, который может повлиять на дальнейшую судьбу и карьеру специалиста, поэтому сайт для поиска работы Login Casino Work провел исследование и выяснил ключевые моменты по каждому направлению. В этой статье предлагаем ознакомиться с профессией программиста .Net: чем специальность отличается от других, какие функциональные обязанности у специалиста и на какую заработную плату можно претендовать. 

Где работает и какие знания необходимы для работы программисту .Net

Программисты данного направления используют для работы созданную компанией Microsoft платформу и технологии .NET. В качестве языка программирования используется язык С#. Платформа имеет большое количество разнообразных инструментов, используется во многих сферах, благодаря чему работа программиста .Net востребована на рынке труда, а вакансии по данной специальности открывают не только IT-компании. Чаще всего платформа .NET используется для разработки бизнес-приложений под Windows и web-сервисов. Для того чтобы эффективно выполнять свои обязанности, разработчику .NET необходимо: 

  • хорошо знать ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, MS SQL, C#, T-SQL; 

  • понимать, что такое SOAP, LINQ, WCF; 

  • иметь опыт работы с MS TFS и ADO.NET Entity FW. 

Именно такие требования к соискателям можно чаще всего встретить, анализируя вакансии программистов .Net на разных сайтах поиска работы. Помимо базовых требований, могут быть специфические, которые зависят от сферы деятельности работодателя. 

Созданием каких продуктов занимается программист .Net и каковы его обязанности

Ежедневная работа программистом .Net состоит из написания программных продуктов разного назначения. Специалисты пишут программные коды, которые система распознает и предоставляет конечному пользователю возможность решать задачи с помощью созданных девелоперами продуктов. Среди таких разработок:

  • специальные технологии, позволяющие управлять различными приборами, например беспилотниками; 

  • web-приложения; 

  • разнообразные приложения для персональных компьютеров, смартфонов, планшетов и т. д.; 

  • компьютерные игры;

  • программное обеспечение для бизнеса, например CRM-системы. 

Среди программистов существует разделение на три категории. В зависимости от опыта работы и полученных специалистом за время работы навыков различают Junior .NET Developer, Middle .Net developer и Senior .Net Developer. Перечень обязанностей зависит от того, к какой категории относится специалист или на какую должность претендует. Чтобы не перечислять все возможные обязанности каждой должности, предлагаем ознакомиться непосредственно с интересующей вас вакансией. 

Положительные и отрицательные стороны работы программиста .Net

В работе каждого специалиста есть преимущества и недостатки. Хоть и кажется на первый взгляд, что работа программиста достаточно проста, у нее есть свои сложности и отрицательные стороны, из-за чего она подходит не всем.



Высокая востребованность на рынке труда

Сидячая работа, постоянное пребывание за компьютером может негативно повлиять на зрение и физическую форму

Хорошая заработная плата, одна из самых хорошо оплачиваемых профессий на рынке

Высокая ответственность

Есть перспектива карьерного роста

Кому-то такая работа может показаться однообразной и скучной

Возможна удаленная работа и сотрудничество с иностранными компаниями


Постоянное развитие, необходимость развиваться


Где получить образование по специальности программист .Net

Базовым образованием для разработчика на .Net является специальность «Информатика и вычислительная техника», которую можно получить в ряде технических вузов Украины. Для поступления нужно хорошо знать математику, английский язык. Для тех, кто хочет сменить профессию и попробовать себя в программировании, но не хочет получать второе высшее образование, существует ряд курсов в коммерческих учебных заведениях. Часто такие центры функционируют при IT-компаниях. Самым способным студентам могут предложить работу еще до окончания учебы. Курсы платные, но в некоторых УЦ слушателям предлагают варианты частичной оплаты с обязательством отработать определенное время в компании.

Каким может быть карьерное развитие у программиста .Net

Карьера разработчика движется по вертикали от Junior .NET Developer через Middle .Net developer и до Senior .Net Developer. Затем девелопер может стать тимлидом, менеджером продукта, менеджером проекта, IT-директором. С движением по карьерной лестнице растет и уровень заработной платы. 

Сколько зарабатывает программист .Net

Размер заработной платы зависит от категории. Junior является начальной, самой первой ступенькой в карьере разработчика, поэтому он получает меньше, чем Middle или Senior. Средняя заработная плата по Украине составляет 50 000 гривен. При выборе вакансии стоит обращать внимание на регион поиска – в больших городах заработные платы, как правило, выше. 

Хотите получать самую актуальную информацию о вакансиях разработчиков .Net на электронную почту? Подписывайтесь на обновления сайта, чтобы не пропустить самые горячие предложения!