IT Specialist/Junior DevOps Engineer

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Описание вакансии

🟩 What's in it for you:

Work with a Fortune 500 client company whose products are used by millions globally
Gain hands-on expertise with a modern tech stack used on the project (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Docker, MySQL, etc.)
Improve your English through communication with English-speaking colleagues based in the US and around the world

✅ Is that you?

1-2 years' experience in IT administration roles
Intermediate+ English level
Understanding of OS distinctions (Windows, Linux, macOS)
Solid Microsoft Azure and Docker experience
Knowledge of system configuration (packages, installers), CLI
Knowledge of network topology, routing; familiarity with VPN technologies and basic firewall usage
Understanding of basic security practices and various database types
Ability to handle tasks related to SaaS systems and write simple conditional queries
Virtualization/containerization expertise
Experience setting up and testing backups using bash or PowerShell
Familiarity with infrastructure monitoring tools; general understanding of performance checks


Familiarity with Cosmos DB, MySQL
Understending kubernetes
Azure DevOps skills
Understanding of New Relic, Splunck

🧩Key responsibilities and your contribution

In this role, your key responsibilities will include providing comprehensive IT support to one of our biggest clients while actively contributing to our SRE efforts to ensure the smooth operation of critical systems.

Perform a wide range of IT support tasks for the client, assisting them with technical inquiries and resolving issues promptly
Communicate with the client and their team via chats and calls; respond to alerts; report progress to the client and key stakeholders
Undertake various SRE responsibilities (system maintenance, incident management, automation, system performance optimization, infrastructure management, etc.)
Participate in meetings within the SRE team and in client meetings, using your technical expertise to offer insights and recommendations for continuous improvement

🎾 What's working at Dev.Pro like?

Here, we appreciate your contribution and the value you add to projects. Dev.Pro offers a culturally diverse, gender-neutral, empathetic, and parenthood-friendly work environment where everyone’s needs and differences are treated with equal respect and care. By joining Dev.Pro, you'll feel what it's like to grow with professionals who support your journey. We offer:

✔️ 30 paid rest days per year to use as holidays/vacation/other on the desired and requested dates
✔️ Professional and personal growth: ability to shift your career path, access to English courses, online training programs, and conferences
✔️ Healthcare kit (gym, sports nutrition, etc.); healthcare insurance fully compensated by Dev.Pro
✔️ Pregnancy support, maternity and military leave
✔️ Fun online activities and team-building events
✔️ IT, facility, and accounting support, including work equipment
✔️ 5 sick leave days, up to 60 days of medical leave, and up to 6 days of leave per year due to family reasons (i.e., wedding/funeral/baby birth)

О компании

About Dev.Pro

We are a US-based outsource software development company that has been delivering exceptional software experience to our clients since 2011, helping technology companies to become industry leaders.

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