How to Work with People Who Annoy You?

The working environment can influence the working process. And at the link, you can find the tips on how to work with people who annoy you

Как работать с людьми, которые вас раздражают

Valentyn Ihnatiev

02.02.2022 | 10:23



Sometimes we have to work with people who irritate. There can be many reasons, sometimes it is a completely insignificant trifle for others.


Discomfort in a working relationship can affect the right mood in the workplace and lead to the failure of the entire project. A good specialist may find that it’s easier to find a job in another company than to continue working near the source of irritation or being one yourself.

Quite often, the question of how specialists work with those who are not attractive to them is asked by HR managers during an interview. Job search site Login Casino Work offers advice to job seekers on how to answer questions like this and how to deal with annoying co-workers.

What to say during an interview?

If during an interview a recruiter asks the question: “How do you work with those who are not attractive to you?” Do not fall into a stupor. The question is quite common, so you need to be prepared for it. By asking him, HRs want to find out how conflicted the person is in front of them, how he or she will work with colleagues and how much he will fit into the existing team. Think over the answer in advance so as not to look confused at the meeting and scare off a potential employer. The question may be asked during the interview or contained in the questionnaire. Use the advice of psychologists and personnel managers:

  • even the most patient person in certain circumstances can lose their temper. Tell the interviewer honestly, about what annoys you about other people's behavior. Honesty in answering such a question will help to avoid work that will negatively affect the nervous system;
  • when answering an HR manager's question about annoyance at work, talk about the really important things, not the little things. The employer does not want to deal with an employee who can be pissed off by any little thing. Show yourself as a patient and understanding person, able to accept the peculiarities of the behavior of others, if this does not interfere with work and does not affect the fulfillment of tasks;
  • when talking about how you manage to work with annoying colleagues, it would be good to give specific examples. Describe a situation in which you felt annoyed because of a colleague's particular mannerisms, incompetence, an overdue task, etc. An example of a situation would be advice from Login Casino Work on how to work with annoying people.

How to deal with someone you don't like?

Having good, friendly relations with colleagues is a great success. What to do if a colleague annoys you and friendship is not even a question? The reader will be surprised, but quite often people have to put up with this state of affairs and as a result of cooperation a good product can turn out. An example would be movie actors and famous TV show hosts who behave like friends on the screen but cannot stand each other in real life. You will succeed if you take into account a few tips from psychologists and personnel managers.

  1. Respect others and love the common cause. It’s not necessary to feel sympathy for a work colleague to work productively on one project. The main goal is to achieve the desired result, for this, it's enough to appreciate the professional qualities of a person.
  2. Determine the source of irritation. It’s said that a person is irritated with others by what they do not like in themselves. Think about whether the source of your dislike is an s habit of a colleague, or is it about you and a subconscious desire to find a reason to justify your bad mood?
  3. Don't give in to provocations and focus on completing your tasks. There are people - frank provocateurs, try to close your eyes to their behavior and focus on work. Usually, such people are waiting for a response to their misconduct or spoken words. If you ignore and remain calm, the provocateur will lose interest, as he will not be able to profit from other people's emotions.
  4. Ignore the social, keep an exclusively business approach to work, without personal experiences.
  5. Focus on differences. Irritation can be caused by people with whom we have nothing in common. For friendship, this is bad, for work it can be useful, as you can see the project task from different angles.

These tips will help the applicant successfully cope with the interview and irritation during the labor process. Share the article with friends and colleagues if you find it useful.


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