Work Warsaw: What Ukrainians Need to Know

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Country: Poland
City: Warsaw

Poland is Ukraine's closest neighbor, with whom it has the warmest relations. This is one of the reasons why Ukrainians prefer Poland to earn money abroad. One of the most popular requests of our fellow citizens regarding earnings in Poland is Warsaw. Since this is the capital, you can find the most vacancies here, in particular in the construction and service sector. On the other hand, working in Warsaw has its peculiarities and disadvantages.

Work in Warsaw for Ukrainians

According to statistics, the most frequent offers that can be found by the query “job Poland Warsaw” are:

  • Cook
  • Bricklayer
  • Plasterer
  • Baker
  • Nurse
  • Obstetrician
  • Doctor
  • Truck driver
  • Car Mechanic

You can also work in the service sector, in particular in the beauty industry or the hotel and restaurant sector.

On the other hand, skilled workers and startups will also have something to do, because work at Warsaw is also offered for Ukrainian IT specialists, bankers, and financiers. However, these vacancies make up only 5% of all offers for the “Work for Ukrainians Warsaw section". Also, according to statistics, most of the Ukrainian workers in Warsaw are men. However, this pattern can be traced in all regions of Poland.

How to Find a Job in Warsaw

Today it is much easier to find a job in another country, thanks to the Internet and search technologies. Of course, if you need a job in Warsaw urgently and you don't want to puzzle over the intricacies of the Polish labor market, contact agencies that help with employment.

Where to Look for a Job in Warsaw

On the other hand, due to Russian aggression, Ukrainian refugees have received more opportunities for legal and transparent employment. Therefore, if you are interested in working in Warsaw for those who have been in Poland for a long time, you can find many vacancies on special job search sites. Moreover, there are many vacancies specifically for Ukrainians, with minimal requirements for knowledge of the Polish language.

For most migrant workers, work Warsaw is attractive because it is the capital and there is more money to be earned here. The other side is high competition, high prices (in particular for housing), and other problems associated with life in the metropolis. But it is in the capital that it is easiest to find a part-time job for Ukrainian students studying at Polish universities.