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Country: Ukraine
Vacancy from 14 September 2023

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

  • from 2 years
  • Distant work

Key Technical Responsibilities:
- Security Architecture: Design and optimize security architectures.
- Incident Handling: Lead security incidents using forensic tools.
- Vulnerability Management: Regularly assess and mitigate vulnerabilities.
- Penetration Testing: Oversee technical penetration tests.
- Security Automation: Develop security automation scripts.
- Cloud Security: Manage secure cloud configurations.
- Network Security: Maintain firewall and network security.
- GDPR and Regional Security: Ensure internal and product GDPR compliance; be responsible for adapting to local laws in new markets; have familiarity with HRM-related standards in Poland, Germany, the EU, and the UK.
- Endpoint Protection: Oversee endpoint security tools.
- IAM: Manage technical controls for identity and access management.
- Data Protection: Ensure robust encryption and data handling.
- DevSecOps: Collaborate with DevOps for CI/CD security.
- API Security: Secure API configurations.
- Third-Party Security Assessments: Conduct evaluations of third-party vendors.

Qualifications and Technical Experience:
- Deep technical experience in cybersecurity engineering.
- Proficiency in modern cybersecurity tools and platforms.
- Mastery of encryption standards and cryptographic protocols.
- Direct experience in GDPR compliance at both internal and product levels.
- Expertise in cloud platforms, network protocols, and scripting for security automation.
- Familiarity with HRM-related security standards in Poland, Germany, the EU, and the UK.

What do we offer?
- 100% remote job with technical challenges.
- Opportunities for growth in cutting-edge technologies.
- State-of-the-art equipment and tools.
- Flexible work schedule (Mon-Fri), allowing for innovation and problem-solving.

At PeopleForce, your passion meets our purpose. We're excited to welcome a talented Senior Cybersecurity Engineer ready to make an impact. Together, we'll advance HR technology and shape a remarkable employee experience for organizations around the world.

Apply now, and let's build something extraordinary!

Vacancy from 13 September 2023

Penetration tester

  • from 1 year
  • Distant work

• Experience performing web and infrastructure vulnerability assessments as well as penetration testing on applications, network protocols, databases, etc.
• Performing network reconnaissance and security forensics on systems;
• Detailed knowledge and analysis experience of applicable security tools, technologies, and trends.
• Mobile application security testing experience/Source code analysis experience/Reverse engineering or malware analysis experience would be an advantage;
• The successful candidate must hold or be willing to pursue related professional certifications such as OSCP or equivalent.

We offer:
• Competitive salary;
• Medical Insurance;
• 20 working-days paid vacation and other social benefits;
• Mid-year and annual performance review with a constructive feedback and development plan;
• Continuing education/training;
• Free access to global online educational platforms;

• Performing security assessments for clients through attack and penetration (primarily network penetration testing, web/mobile application vulnerability assessment and source code security review).

Vacancy from 13 September 2023

Product and Cloud Operations Monitoring Administrator

  • from 2 years
  • Distant work

Our company is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Product and Cloud Operations Monitoring Administrator with expertise in product monitoring, cloud infrastructure monitoring, and operations monitoring. The successful candidate will be responsible for monitoring the performance, availability and security of our products and cloud infrastructure. This includes configuring and maintaining monitoring solutions, identifying and resolving issues, and working collaboratively with development and operations teams to improve the overall quality of our products and services.
The candidate will work in analyzing and configuring monitoring in our preferred tool DataDog, maintain the correct documentation for the team and monitor pro-active and reactive alerts coming from various sources.

Roles & Responsibilities
• Monitor the performance, availability, and security of our products and cloud infrastructure.
• Configure and maintain monitoring solutions to ensure proper coverage of key product and infrastructure areas.
• Identify and resolve issues related to product and infrastructure performance, availability, and security.
• Work collaboratively with development and operations teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues identified through monitoring.
• Develop and implement operational dashboards and reports to provide visibility into product and infrastructure health.
• Implement Alarms and automated detection and notification about critical system issues including alerting on-call, declaring incidents, etc.
• Participate in incident response activities and provide support to incident response teams as needed.
• Continuously improve monitoring solutions by staying up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies.
• Perform regular audits of monitoring solutions to ensure that they are providing the necessary coverage and alerting.
• Provide documentation and training to development and operations teams on monitoring best practices and tools.

Candidate requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field or equivalent experience.
• 3+ years of experience in product and cloud infrastructure monitoring and operations.
• Strong experience with monitoring tools such as Datadog, Prometheus, New Relic, Nagios, and Elasticsearch.
•Experience with cloud infrastructure monitoring, such as AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Google Cloud Monitoring.
• Experience with product monitoring, including web application monitoring and mobile application monitoring.
• Experience with incident response and problem resolution.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.