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DevOps system administrator job in Sumy

One of the most demanded among all kinds of IT specialists are representatives of DevOps specialties: system administrators and system engineers. The Login Casino Work job search site team has selected verified jobs in Sumy for both of these.

Who are DevOps system administrators?

There are many professions in information technology, and new ones appear regularly, as the industry is rapidly developing and will not stop at what has already been achieved. In 2009 the need for such activities as DevOps specialists emerged as a response to the need to solve the problem of communication between programmers and administrators. While creating code, developers often did not consider the specifics of its environment, so it was pretty tricky for system administrators to do their job related to the support and maintenance of a software product. It took an unreasonably long time to perform the tasks assigned to a specialist. Then the IT companies decided to create a common approach to development and testing. When a programmer, while writing code, can understand what the administrator will face when setting up a server, he does his best to make his work easier. A specialist who understands all the development, testing, and operation processes has quickly become popular, as evidenced by the abundance of DevOps jobs in today's job market.

Responsibilities and tools of a DevOps engineer

It turns out that the profession's representative is like a link between developers and administrators. What exactly does the employee do? Analysis of vacancies on various job search sites has shown that DevOps' job is to perform the following tasks: 

  • creation of a development plan, project preparation, creation of scripts, and selection of appropriate tools;
  • process automation;
  • resolving conflicts between members of the project team or with the customer;
  • monitoring the operation of the finished product after its release. 

To perform this work, an employee will need knowledge of programming languages and the basics of administration, understanding databases' principles. In the course of their work, the specialist uses various tools. The most popular among representatives of the profession are Git, Terraform, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Ansible, and Docker. 


Pros and cons of working DevOps system administrator

When deciding to hire a DevOps job in Sumy, you need to understand the pros and cons you will have to face. 


A very popular and well-paid job Very responsible job
A rare and interesting profession that perfectly suits technical specialists Irregular working hours
Hard skills can be used in any field related to development and information technology. You can get a job only in a big company

How to become a DevOps specialist?

At the moment, employers have no clear, unambiguous requirements regarding candidates' education for DevOps vacancies. The specialist must have a technical education. It is possible to get it in the state universities in the areas related to software engineering, applied mathematics, or information security. Not so long ago, commercial DevOps courses appeared, which can be taken even in a remote format. It is also necessary to devote a lot of time to regular self-education. 

How much DevOps earns

Answering how much DevOps earn, it is safe to say that they are some of the highest-paid professionals in the field of information technology. Of course, the level of income depends on the professional skills of the specialist and the specifics of the employer. Analytical sites say that the average salary of DevOps in 2021 in Ukraine was 60,000 UAH per month.

New vacancies DevOps engineer in Sumy

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