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Country: Slovakia

The small country in the center of Europe has a fast-growing economy that surpasses the gross margins of Poland and Hungary. The agricultural sector, which received a significant boost due to foreign investment, requires additional workers. Working in Slovakia offers excellent earning and living opportunities. Another reason why the country attracts migrant workers is the Slovak language, which is consonant with other Slavic languages.

Benefits of working in Slovakia

Decent salaries are one of the main benefits. Since the country is part of the EU, the salaries are paid in euros. For a month, you can earn from €700 (this is the minimum figure by law). It is also possible to find a job if the labor migrant is a certified specialist. It is much easier to find a job here, say, as a doctor, financier, or banker, than in other prosperous European countries. At the same time, both full-time employment and seasonal work are available.

Featured Jobs

According to EU rules, the state must comply with mandatory quotas to restrict employment for foreigners. That is, if a company has an open vacancy, the job will primarily go to a citizen of Slovakia or another EU country. And only if there are no volunteers among the locals, they can offer a job to everyone else.

However, despite such conditions, there will still be work for foreigners in Slovakia if they are highly-qualified, and know Slovak and English. For example, we can talk about the work of doctors, engineers, financiers, programmers, and online work like marketers.

Less skilled jobs are mainly in the service sector. So, for women, there are offers to work as nurses, nannies, nurses, maids, cleaners, etc. Men are offered to get jobs in factories, construction, and trucking.

In addition, work in Slovakia without knowledge of the language is available at agricultural sites. At the same time, farm owners often offer jobs to married couples, as well as accommodation and meals or transportation to the place of work.

Where to look for work

Employers and employment agencies offer jobs in Slovakia - free vacancies are most often published through the Slovak Labor Exchange and on well-known web portals.

So work in Slovakia without intermediaries is also possible. However, if the candidate has doubts about the vacancy or suspects that the employer has violated the law, they can ask for advice from specialists from the non-governmental International Organization for Migration or the League for Human Rights.