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Country: Serbia

Serbia is a small landlocked state in southeastern Europe, but it attracts tourists with its picturesque terrain, historical sights, spa, and recreational opportunities. It has a pleasant climate, moderate living cost, and a friendly population. But it is not worth expecting that this work will provide a high salary and that it will be easy to find a job in Serbia. The average wage in the country is €300-500 per month, which is barely enough to pay for utilities and groceries.

Disadvantages of working in Serbia

Unemployment in the country reaches 12-15% – one of the highest rates in Europe. Economic problems and political instability also make it challenging to find a job in Serbia and discourage migrant workers.

The minimum wage in the country's capital, Belgrade, ranges from €250 to €350, while the monthly living wage here is €800. So, if the employer does not provide housing and food, you will spend all your earned money on this.

You should also remember about the high competition for vacancies and often difficult working conditions. Highly-qualified workers are more likely to get a promising position, especially if they speak Serbian or English.

Work Permit

Foreigners can obtain a work permit if they have a temporary or permanent residence permit in the country. Moreover, this document is issued only for work in a particular company or enterprise and exclusively for one industry. So, if the employee subsequently wants to change jobs, they would need to request a new work permit.

You can also apply for a personal work permit, but for this, you must meet a number of criteria. Such a document allows you to get a job and gives its owner the same rights and obligations that citizens of Serbia have. In addition, if they lose their job, they will be able to receive unemployment benefits.

Most Popular Jobs

In addition, work in Serbia will become more real for Ukrainians if they have a European-style higher education document, and also if they have taken part in various competitions and training.

If you are already an advanced job finder in Serbia, you probably know that the following areas are in demand for specialists in the labor market:

  • IT industry;
  • engineering industry;
  • production;
  • service sector (cooks, waiters, hairdressers, cleaners, etc.);
  • trade;
  • tourism.

At the same time, seasonal work in Serbia for Russians, unlike, for example, neighboring Montenegro, which has a much larger flow of tourists, is less common.

Sometimes in Serbia, there are vacancies for foreigners in the direction of unskilled labor. So, they are looking for nurses, nannies, and domestic workers. But it should be remembered that you cannot make a fortune in these professions, because again, most of the funds will be spent on daily needs.