Work in Nicosia - Cyprus

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Country: Cyprus
City: Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus. So, it is an administrative and business center in one place. Add here the fact that this city is also one of the oldest in the world, located in a picturesque intermountain region, and you get one of the largest centers of tourism in the Mediterranean.

So, there are a lot of jobs here. Work in Cyprus Nicosia attracts labor migrants primarily with high salaries. For example, you can get at least €700 here, and more qualified personnel can feel very confident both financially and in their career.

What are the vacancies in Nicosia?

The hot job market in Cyprus is rich in offers. Of course, by asking for a work in Cyprus Nicosia, you will find many vacancies from the main tourist destinations:

  • Hotel and restaurant business: hostesses, maids, cooks, administrators.
  • Junior medical staff: massage therapists, nurses, nannies.
  • Entertainment sphere: animators, guides, players.

In Nicosia there are many professions of this plan and it does not require knowledge of the Greek language, for example. Therefore, it will not be difficult for a Russian-speaking worker to find a job here.

Of course, if you expect a more solid salary, want more career opportunities, then you need a qualified job, such as a doctor or an IT technician. However, there are also enough such offers in the Cypriot capital.

What you need to know if you work in Nicosia

First of all, Cyprus is a very expensive island. Especially Nicosia, because it is the capital. And you need to understand that you have to pay for housing there, provide food and solve a whole series of other issues that require finances, such as medicine.

Secondly, since this is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, and it is part of the EU, it must be understood that EU laws and standards apply there. A visa and work permit will be required. But if you master all these nuances, then work in Cyprus Nicosia will be a new step towards career opportunities.