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Country: Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world in terms of living standards. So, it is not surprising that labor migrants are drawn here from everywhere. In particular, work in the Netherlands attracts foreigners with the opportunity to improve their financial situation and, in the future, if they wish, even apply for permanent residence in Europe. Working here will allow you radically change your life, take care of the well-being of your family, start a business in your homeland, etc.

Jobs in the Netherlands 2023

Usually, Europeans have a high salary, and foreigners can count on decent wages - €6-12 per hour. Due to the high competition and the need to confirm qualifications, it is more difficult for qualified specialists to find a job in the Netherlands. But if successful, they are provided with almost unlimited opportunities and prospects. There will always be jobs in Holland for low-skilled workers, for example, in the agricultural and service sectors. The LC Work employment site will help you during the process of job search in the Netherlands.

Employment specifics

You can only find a job in the Netherlands if you have a work visa. It should be remembered how law-abiding this country is - work in Holland must be legal. Violators who work illegally face severe penalties. So, foreign workers, in addition to deportation, may face a ban on entry to the Netherlands and other EU countries for a period of 1 to 20 years.

It takes an average of two months to prepare a package of necessary documents for this. Naturally, you can entrust this task to specialized agencies, but you should be careful because there are a lot of scammers in this market.

What are the most popular jobs?

Of course, one the biggest opportunities to work in the Netherlands without knowing the language are in the service sector. Most of all, doormen, waiters, maids, cooks, etc., are needed. There are also broad prospects for people with working specialties - plumbers, electricians, roofers, masons, carpenters, and loaders.

In demand are workers who are ready to work in warehouses and factories and those who understand the cultivation of various crops, etc. In addition, such work allows couples to live and work together.