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If there are people who create content and upload it, then there must be those who moderate this content. By the way, this is a trendy job today because brands value their reputation. And some careless posts or low-quality content can easily ruin everything.

The moderator's task is to prevent this; therefore, he carefully monitors the content and moderates it. Let's rake closer at the moderator job.

Responsibilities and Demands

So, moderators stand guard over the site, performing a whole range of work to support the brand's reputation:

  • Communication with team.
  • Content monitoring.
  • Articles and post-editing.
  • Building of the content strategy.
  • Reviewing.
  • Scammers blocking.
  • Users' reports.

Also, a job moderator can include answering customers' questions, checking texts, vacancies, and mailing lists, and being an editor.

An experienced moderator can earn a lot and be worthy. So, for example, in Canada, a moderator can earn about $34,634 per month.

In Ukraine, they can offer a lower salary, but on the other hand, for the standard of living in this country, this will be quite a decent salary. Beginners can try their hand at some volunteer projects and then come for an interview with more experienced specialists.