Work Limassol - Cyprus

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Country: Cyprus
City: Limassol

Many people associate Cyprus with a resort (however, it is logical, because it is actually a resort town). But most Ukrainians come here not only to soak up the sun and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus is also a large labor market with a wide selection of various vacancies. And rich in every sense, because the salaries there are also attractive. A work in Limassol is a particularly popular request among applicants.

What attracts workers to Limassol?

Every city in Cyprus is a resort gem. But if you ask where it is better for a person from the Slavic people to live, it is difficult to come up with a better option than work in Limassol for Russian speakers. Moreover, there are enough offers for almost all types of employment:

  • Hospitality business
  • Cleaning
  • Junior medical staff
  • Service Industries
  • IT and digital

Limassol is also recognized as the capital of the offshore business. At the same time, the cost of living here will be much lower than in Southern Cyprus, where the standards of the European Union and the visa regime apply.

IT professionals and freelancers come to Limassol to work remotely. Russian-speaking specialists of other professions feel comfortable here because Limassol has the most Russian-speaking schools, kindergartens, churches, etc.