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Country: Latvia

The hospitality of the local population, comfortable climate, and delicious cuisine attracts a stream of tourists to Latvia. And labor migrants prefer this country due to the ease of adaptation after moving because there are many immigrants from the CIS countries. But usually, work in Latvia is perceived by labor migrants as a springboard for more profitable employment in other regions of the European Union.

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Foreigners who know Latvian or English can get highly-qualified jobs in medicine, IT, and engineering. You can also find vacancies for pharmacists, social workers, drivers for international transport, and builders. Among the offers that do not require special qualifications are waiters, hostesses, sellers, nurses, domestic workers, and porters. Seasonal earnings in the agricultural sector are also in demand.

Farmers in small towns often experience labor shortages, particularly in the summer. They offer decent wages for unskilled work and provide workers with housing, food, and hygiene products.

In addition, work in Latvia for Russians and other foreigners is often on farms for growing fur animals, dairy, vegetable farms, in forestry. Vacancies are in demand for the collectors vegetables and berries, milkmaids, tractor drivers, laborers, and lumberjacks.


From January 1, 2023, the minimum wage in the country increased to €620, but it still remains one of the lowest in the EU. At the same time, the average salary ranges from €700 to €1 400. Therefore, local residents are looking for the best earnings abroad. So companies and enterprises are forced to look for workers abroad. In addition, work in Latvia for Ukrainians and applicants from other countries is attractive because employers must pay foreigners the same wages as citizens in the same position.

Employment in Latvia

Applicants should obtain a visa category D for a period of one year or category C for seasonal workers. Work online in Latvia can be found on specialized job search Latvia websites:

After choosing the job in Latvia, you should conclude an agreement with the employer, who will register the vacancy with the local employment agency. If in 30 days (or 10 days for low-skilled work) no Latvian has applied for this position, the employer receives the right to accept a foreigner. Then the labor migrant receives an invitation and issues a work visa.