Jobs in Larnaca - Cyprus

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Country: Cyprus
City: Larnaca

Larnaca is one of the largest cities in Cyprus (the third largest after Limassol and Nicosia). The friendliest to budget tourists, with well-developed infrastructure and labor market.

Here are relatively low prices for the hotel, entertainment, and at the same time a large selection of where to stay and where to go. Therefore, there are also many jobs here. Work in Cyprus Larnaca can range from services to skilled IT jobs.

Jobs in Larnaca

Cyprus is generally rich in various job offers. Everyone comes here: from simple hard workers working at construction sites, in cleaning or in cafes to prominent IT specialists, and doctors. The most popular work in Larnaca is:

  • Bartender
  • Waiter
  • Nanny
  • Chef or cook assistant

IT specialties are no less well-spread here: developer, digital manager, office administrators, office managers, etc.

Is it expensive to live in Larnaca?

Cyprus is a very expensive island and for a labor emigrant who came from Ukraine, for example, prices may seem almost cosmic. However, over time, you can get used to everything, and if you also manage to work out and raise your income, then Work in Cyprus Larnaca, like living there, will only please.