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Country: Cyprus

Many people dream of a job that brings good profits and pleases a pleasant environment, for example, sea air and a resort atmosphere. This is precise what work in Cyprus can be like.

A small resort island washed by the Mediterranean Sea has become a magnet for tourists, business people, and their money. This means that the local labor market is rich in offers. Moreover, the answer to the request for a work in Cyprus will satisfy a specialist in any field:

  • IT
  • Gambling
  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • Cleaning
  • Care for Children
  • The medicine

Some jobs do not even require knowledge of the language. You can find a lot of work in Cyprus for Russian speakers, with decent working conditions and high pay.

What salaries do appointments in Cyprus propose?

Cypriots are generally wealthy citizens. It is believed that they are two or even three times richer than some average European. This means that they pay more, even if it is unskilled labor. For example, work in Cyprus for Russians without knowledge of the language can bring good earnings even though these are minimum wages:

  • Sellers — $800.
  • Cleaners and servers — $1000.
  • Hostess — $1100.
  • Builders — $1200.

Of course, it is easiest to find work for unskilled personnel. But if you are a specialist and know English well (or even Greek to boot), your salary can be as much as $2,000. You can receive approximately the same wages if you get a job in Russian companies in Cyprus work for relocated IT specialists and specialists.

Work in Cyprus for Ukrainians: which region to choose

It is also worth considering the area of residence where can you Cyprus work. For example, salaries will differ significantly in Northern Cyprus and the Southern Republic of Cyprus, and southerners will be ready to pay almost twice as much as northerners.

The thing is that Southern Cyprus is a member of the EU, with stable and specific rules. At the same time, Northern Cyprus is an unrecognized state dependent on Turkey.