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Country: Ireland

The economy of this island country is rapidly developing now. And the government is doing everything to promote the state on the world stage. The rapid rise caused a shortage of personnel. Therefore, the need for labor from abroad is quite significant. A growing number of our fellow citizens are convinced that a getting job in Ireland 2022 will solve their financial struggles. Foreigners already occupy more than 10% of positions in this country. That is, everyone who is ready to work productively has a chance to succeed.

Where to look for jobs in Ireland

Those who manage to find a job get a solid reward, can travel, and expand their horizons. A job in Ireland opens the door for them to a country with a rich, fascinating history, interesting architecture, and picturesque nature.

There are different ways to find a job here. For starters, you can use the Internet. As elsewhere, many local companies often post recruitment ads on their websites. The Irish Consulate can help you find a job. They will provide a list of companies in need of employees. Also, promising offers can be found on the LC Work employment website.

However, those who are looking for work on their own may face a problem. So, to get a job officially, you need to get an invitation from an employer. And this requires preliminary negotiations. Therefore, you need to know English. Besides that, there is a possibility of encountering an unscrupulous employer who may not fulfill the promise and leave the employee without money.

Jobs in Ireland for Russian speakers

Intreo, a local social service, can help you get a job. You can find a position in accordance with your experience, and if it is not there, you can become a member of one of the programs allowing you to get a specialty.

Builders and programmers have more job opportunities. Some professions require additional registration, for example, to work as a doctor, you must register with the medical council. Naturally, knowledge of English also simplifies the search.

Jobs in Dublin for Russian speakers can be provided as part of seasonal activities, in cleaning companies, etc. Without knowledge of the language, they often work as kitchen assistants in hotels or as maids. You can also get a job as a nanny, driver, farm worker, etc.

How much can you earn in Ireland?

Ireland has a minimum hourly rate for workers. The amount is most often indicated excluding taxes. In addition, earnings depend on the applicant’s age:

  • under 18 years old - €7.35 per hour;
  • from 18 years old – €8.4;
  • 19 years old - €9.45;
  • from 20 years old – €10.5.

Working hours must be indicated on the payslip.

The Irish Labor Relations Commission requires all workers to receive a written statement of the key terms and conditions of work in Ireland within five days of commencement of employment. The document must contain:

  • the name of an employer and employee;
  • employer's address;
  • duration of the contract;
  • calculation of wages and the number of hours that the employee intends to work per day/week (payment letter).