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Country: Bulgaria

The most profitable jobs in Bulgaria can go to those who know the language and who have been issued a permit by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. At the same time, candidates who are interested in seasonal work can hope for simplified requirements. So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to work in Bulgaria.

Advantages and disadvantages of the country

The fact that Bulgaria is a member of the European Union helps its economy to stay afloat. But, despite the changes and reforms in the country, working here is not the best solution for earning money; besides, it is difficult to find it. It is a rather poor country with a high unemployment rate. Good incomes can be expected only by those who have a specialty in demand in the country. Otherwise, the salary may not exceed the one the labor migrant received at home.

The advantages of the country include a pleasant climate, a related language and culture, relatively low real estate prices, and daily expenses. In addition, tax rates here are quite comfortable. Foreigners pay a 10% income tax.

Majors in demand

The local labor market needs both blue-collar workers and highly qualified specialists. Therefore, work can be found in the construction, processing industry, trade, IT industry, restaurant, and hotel sectors. And if a foreigner is interested in working in Bulgaria without knowing the language, then you can try to take advantage of seasonal offers in agriculture.

We also need specialists with experience and professional skills, for example, doctors, pharmacists, social workers, teachers, lawyers, power engineers, engineers, financiers, programmers, and trade managers.

Travel companies need drivers, guides, and tour managers. In winter, workers are needed at ski resorts, and in summer - at seaside ones. Among other things, the work in Bulgaria 2022 was offered as follows: receptionist, maid, waiter, bartender, and cook assistant.

Where to look for vacancies

To search for vacancies, you can use popular sites:


Offer jobs in Bulgaria sites and local publications. The most famous of them are:

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