Media buyer

Vacancy from 2 September 2022
2000 - 7000 USD
  • User name Human Resources Department
  • Employees Name from 10 before 50 employees
  • Address Ukraine
  • Contact person Катерина
    Show phone
  • Email [email protected]
  • from 1 year
  • Full-time
  • Education doesn't matter
Learning compensation
Corporate events
Foreign language courses
Regular salary revisions

Vacancy description

Our client is the media buying company Wild Wild Leads. Each employee's "happy" is the main focus of the team, which allows everyone to earn and enjoy their work.

We are looking for a cool media buyer to increase our team.

About company

Wild Wild Leads is a young and fast-growing company. Now it has about 52 employees in the team, for us the employee of the company is the main client. We are looking for specialists to join the team and are ready to provide all the tools for quality work.

Working conditions

Why we are the best choice:

  • We are in the IT industry, and our team is young guys ready to work, study and increase their income.
  • Remote work with virtual offices creates a sense of team.
  • We have an automated learning system.
  • We are building an excellent HR brand.
  • Our business development managers bring excellent offers.
  • We have our design department, which implements all the ideas of buyers.
  • We have built a mobile application development department; by the way, we already have 3!
  • The technical department optimizes employees' work so that everything is easy and automated.
  • Three corporate psychologists stand guard over your psychological health.
  • Our atmosphere is very comfortable, where the tonal level is very light. We try to maintain a healthy emotional background.
  • We develop mutual assistance. We value our employees very much and provide all the tools for quality work.
  • Thematic corporate parties every two weeks.
  • And we also have very excellent payouts, which we will discuss in more detail at the interview.


What will be important to do:

  • Look for offers to test hypotheses to run effective advertising campaigns.
  • Collaborate with designers to create creatives.
  • Make reports on the effectiveness of creo.

Well, is it already interesting? Let's talk in person and you will definitely fall in love with our company!

Requirements for the applicant

  • experience from 1 year in the field of gambling.
    profit over $15,000.

If you are ready to become part of our team - send your resume)