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Категорії: Розробка і проєктування
Підкатегорії: Front-end-розробник
Країна: Україна
Місто: Дніпро
Вакансія від 26 вересня 2023

Senior Front End Developer with React

  • від 5 років
  • Повна зайнятість, Віддалена робота

Project Description:
We create a modern Online Onboarding system for bank's Corporate Clients. Our solution is a secured high-performance digital platform, which automates client onboarding processes and minimizes manual operations.

We focus on excellent user experience and rapid business response as key factors for the successful onboarding of new enterprise clients.

Our project joins 8 teams of 100 people in total (Ukraine, USA, and others) and works with the client for 5+ years. We now rapidly grow and hire to set up multiple new teams which will be working on extending the existing platform with new functionality and building new components. Each team consists of Dev, BA, QA, Tram Lead, and is supported by a dedicated DevOps/L3 group. We use agile methodologies on a team level (Scrum, Kanban) and a scaled agile approach on a project level.

• Active agile team membership
• Day-to-day development activities in front-end application stack in a specialized team of front-end developers
• Actively participate in application front-end design
• Perform and lead peer code review of project codebase changes
• Write good and well-tested code in JavaScript
• Evaluate and adopt new development tools, libraries, and approaches to improve delivery quality
• Consistently improve maintainability and stability of the codebase

Mandatory Skills Description:
• Solid experience in the industry of software development (5+ years after bachelor/master's degree)
• Solid experience in HTML/JavaScript/CSS in production development (5+ years)
• Proficiency with React.js / Redux / Other State manager, ECMAScript 6 (4+ years)
• Typescript / SCSS / Other preprocessor; Jest, NPM, BEM (3+ years)
• Good understanding of OOP
• Software design skills, design patterns
• Familiarity with CI/CD, code versioning, and SDLC processes
• High attention towards performance optimizations, system scalability, availability, and application stability
• Good understanding of the complexity of algorithms
• Computer Science degree
• Spoken English - at least Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Nice-to-Have Skills:
• Banking domain

English: B2 Upper Intermediate

Вакансія від 26 вересня 2023

React Frontend Developer

Booking Health GmbH
  • від 5 років
  • Повна зайнятість, Віддалена робота

MedExpert Consulting

We are an international developer of IT products for medicine and related services. Our products are used by more than 5,000 doctors and more than 1,000 clinics in Europe.

The goal is to attract the largest possible audience to the main projects - clinics and doctors up to 3 million. As well as expanding unique traffic to 10 million per day until 2024. We are looking for frontend Developer with 4+ years of development experience. Good experience with React is also required.

Will be an advantage if you have (it's not mandatory , just nice to have skills ) :

Experience with React Native
Experience of building PWA
Experience with
Experience with three.js/paper.js
Experience with GraphQL
Experience with Flutter

What we offer:
- Official employment in Germany.
- We fully adopt the process of obtaining a work visa.
- We help you and your family to organise your move to Germany.
- We will pay for the first two months of your stay.
- We help in organizing your living and integration in the new country.
- Health insurance
- Paid holiday for 28 working days
- Transparent incentive system

Working with us means:
Unique technological and innovative projects
Gaining experience in modern western world practices in security, scalable architecture, etc.
In-depth knowledge of telemedicine
Working with Big data, high load, distributed computing and data buses.
Socially important projects
Opportunity to influence both technology and product solutions
Profitability and stability of a large European company
Active involvement in the continuous improvement of our agile processes and tools

Вакансія від 26 вересня 2023

JavaScript, TypeScript

SoloWay Technologies
  • від 5 років
  • Віддалена робота

We have received a request for JavaScript, TypeScript.

They are working on a product that allows improve productivity and team communication. The product hekps centralize team mentions (e.g. Google Docs, Figma, etc) in one place, alowing to build list of action or to-do's.

Looking for a senior JS engineer (5+yrs of exp), focused on the backend and TypeScript.
The product relies on 3rd party API integrations and this will be one of the primary things the engineer will work on as well as async job queues.

Additional requirements:
Overlap: 3+ hrs with EST

English: Upper-Intermediate+

2-3 months of full-time, with an option to continue on a part-time basis

Interview process:
- pre-interview
- take home assignment
- client's interview

Вакансія від 26 вересня 2023

Middle+ Full-Stack Developer (React and Node.js)

3500 - 4000 USD
  • від 5 років
  • Віддалена робота

Hard skills requirements (including years):
React - min 5 years;
Node - min 5 years;
Firestore MySQL SaaS Dashboard.

Soft skills requirements: Independent, proactive

Project tasks: Continue working on the project

English level: Upper-Intermediate

Nice to have:
Experience with Chrome extensions is a plus.
Reliability - in person and in code :), honesty and good communication skills are most important.
Our deadlines and projects are short but we have a big roadmap so the job would be long-term.

Project description:
The essence of the project: a tool for OnlyFans, which thousands of users already have.
Client's location: Israel, Tel Aviv

Project life cycle:
Current project's age: 1,4 months
Planned duration: Long-term, full-time

Automated tracker: No
How to track time in case of no auto tracker: Manually in Upwork

Вакансія від 25 вересня 2023

React Native (iOS, Android) and React.js software engineer

Ethora (Dappros)
  • Без досвіду
  • Віддалена робота

We are looking for React Native and React.js developers to join our team.

🇺🇦 Шукаємо розробників React Native та React.js!

Note: please only write via Djinni, we won't be able to respond via TG and other channels.

Please specify which stack (React Native, React.js or both) you're interested to work with.

You will contribute to and improve the open-source Ethora engine: (приховано)

Our engine allows startups, businesses and individual developers to build their own 'super app' featuring messaging, web3 and other features.

More information:

Knowledge of:
- HTML and CSS
- JavaScript (ES6)
- React (functional components, hooks)
- Typescript
- Redux, Redux Thunk
- working with REST apis
- basic understanding of UI/UX principles
- git
- auth

Would be a plus:
- Links to your deployed apps
- Experience with Material-UI (CSS framework for React)
- XMPP, messaging, GiftedChat, Push Notifications, websockets experience
- Written & verbal English to communicate with our community and business users

this is optional, but if you'd like for your application to stand out, you may provide your feedback regarding our code - suggest which bits may be unclear for an external developer or which parts you would suggest to improve.

React Native: (приховано)

React.js: (приховано)

Вакансія від 25 вересня 2023

Angular / NestJS developer

Got It Agency
  • від 2 років
  • Віддалена робота

Got It Agency — We’re a design and development agency, located in Eastern Europe (Lviv) and Warsaw (Poland) that creates and supports awesome web&mobile apps.

We are looking for NestJS developer for a startup.

2.0 + years of experience with NestJS and Angular 2+;
Experience with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript.
Understanding the process of commercial software development, program life-cycle stages;
English Intermediate +;


NestJS was built to resemble Angular2+ as much as possible

Experience with engineering software. Creating class diagrams, workflow diagrams and other architectural plans for the development of code. Should have a very solid grasp of software architecture patterns.

What we offer:
Friendly team;
Flexible schedule;
Competitive financial reward paid vacation, and sick leave;

Вакансія від 25 вересня 2023

Middle React

Genie Solutions
  • від 2 років
  • Віддалена робота

Project information
Development and continuous improvement of highly secure, customizable and Full Stack CRM for trading/brokerage domain. We are looking for a skilled and experienced Middle React Engineer who will join our team.

- At least 3+ years of experience as a Frontend Developer;
- Modern JavaScript (ES6+);
- Solid experience with React, React Query, React Router, Typescript, UI libraries;
- Solid experience with complex, nested forms;
- Solid experience with REST;
- Solid experience with query params, URL manipulation;
- Experience with Vite, Rollup;
- Knowledge of pagination and virtualisation principles;
- Proficiency with Sass/SCSS;
- Knowledge of SignalR, WebSockets

Will be a plus
- MobX, Ant Design;
- Basic knowledge of jQuery;
- Experience of coverage code with tests, performing e2e and integration tests;
- Experience with Azure DevOps;
- Experience with CRM and/or Trading tools development;
- AGILE project management approach understanding;
- Desire to use SCRUM ceremonies and artefacts on daily basis.

- Write clean, efficient, scalable, and testable code;
- Integrating with existing and new backend systems;
- Managing complex dependencies;
- Identifying issues and taking the initiative to suggest solutions;
- Implementing front-end development best practices;
- Work as a part of the team in hands-on development at least 80% of the time;
- See the big picture of group tasks in order to make the best decisions about priorities;
- Discover the technical debt & challenges and assist in solving them

Вакансія від 11 вересня 2023

Senior Front-end Developer

  • від 5 років
  • Віддалена робота

MVPNow is a startup product project specialized in building working prototypes, web apps, mobile apps, and integrations. We are passionate about no code low code tools and looking for like-minded team member to help us with the Front-End part.
This is NOT an in-house position. It is contact only. The duration is approximately from 3 to 9 months.

As a Front-end Developer at MVPNow.Studio, you will be responsible for creating and implementing visually appealing and highly interactive user interfaces for web applications. You will collaborate with our design and development teams to bring user-centric designs to life.


*Translate UI/UX design wire-frames into high-quality, pixel-perfect front-end code using React.
*Develop responsive websites and mobile applications that are optimized for speed and cross-browser compatibility.
*Collaborate with designers, back-end developers, and other stakeholders to understand project requirements and provide input during the design and development phases.
*Implement and maintain front-end frameworks, libraries, and tools to streamline development processes and enhance efficiency.
*Optimize application performance by conducting code reviews, identifying and resolving front-end performance bottlenecks, and implementing best practices.
*Ensure code quality and adherence to industry standards through thorough testing and debugging.
*Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in front-end development technologies and techniques.
*Participate in team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and code reviews to foster a collaborative and innovative work environment.
*Provide technical support and troubleshooting assistance related to front-end development to the project team as needed.

Working hours 12 pm - 8pm Kyiv time


*Proven experience as a Front-end Developer.
*5 years experience in React.
* Intermediate English proficiency
*Familiarity with responsive design principles and mobile-first development.
*Solid understanding of cross-browser compatibility and accessibility standards.
*Strong problem-solving skills and system thinking
*Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.

Joining MVPNow means becoming part of a talented team of professionals who are passionate about delivering cutting-edge solutions. We offer a competitive salary, opportunities for professional growth, and a collaborative work environment where your ideas and contributions will be valued.

Вакансія від 11 вересня 2023

React Developer (Next.js)

Admiral Studios
  • від 1 року
  • Віддалена робота

Admiral Studios розширяє команду! Шукаємо досвідченого React розробника. Якщо в тебе є комерційний досвід роботи в області front-end розробки (next.js), тоді будемо чекати на твоє CV.

Основні обов'язки:
— Розробка та підтримка веб-додатків на React/Next.js
— Впровадження нових функціональних можливостей в додатки
— Працювати у команді розробників та брати участь у спільних проектах.

Необхідні навички:
— Від 1 року досвіду React розробки
— Досвід роботи з Next.js
— Знання JavaScript (ES2016+), HTML & CSS, Styled Components (Material-UI)
— Досвід роботи з Rest API
— Гарне розуміння архітектури client-server
— Знання Redux
— Досвід оптимізації часу завантаження веб-сторінок / бандлів
— Досвід проведення code review
— Гарне розуміння шаблонів проектування програмного забезпечення
— Досвід роботи з системами контролю версій (Git, Bitbucket тощо)
— Сильні навички міжособистісного спілкування та співпраці
— Англійська мова B1+

Що ми пропонуємо?
— Гнучкий графік, працювати можна у будь-який зручний час;
— Повний remote;
— Систему преміювання;
— Погодинну оплату, ставка залежить від результату співбесіди;
— Своєчасну виплату ЗП два рази на місяць;
— Можливість для самореалізації та професійного росту.

А також круту команду і веселі корпоративи!

Обов'язково прикладай свій нік в telegram

Вакансія від 11 вересня 2023

Middle/Senior Front-End Engineer in Startup

Data Science UA
  • від 5 років
  • Віддалена робота

About us:
We are Data Science UA, and we are a fast-growing IT service company. We are proud of developing the Data Science community in Ukraine for more than 6 years. Data Science UA unites all researchers, engineers, and developers around Data Science and related areas. We conduct events on machine learning, computer vision, intelligence, information science, and the use of artificial intelligence for business in various fields.

About the client:
Our client is a global collegiate higher education institution.

They are building an innovation that will widen the horizons of opportunities by connecting students and teachers around the world. Their primary challenge is to create a product that meets complex regulatory requirements while also being beloved by their users for its convenience and simplicity. Their culture is built on ownership and trust.

About role:
We are seeking a talented Frontend Engineer with deep knowledge of ReactJS, NextJS, and GraphQL, who has a passion for innovation, is not afraid of challenges, and cares about the quality of their work. Your primary focus will be to develop an easy-to-use AMS and an easy-to-integrate SDK that meets regulatory requirements and customer needs.

🔹Significant professional experience with ReactJS, NextJS, and GraphQL.
🔹Ability to communicate about complex technical, architectural, and organizational problems and propose comprehensive, iterative solutions.
🔹Experience with performance and optimization problems, and demonstrated ability to diagnose and prevent them.
🔹You have demonstrated the ability to onboard and integrate with an organization for the long term. You have worked at one company for at least two years within the last five years.
🔹Strong communication skills and proficiency in written and verbal English.

Nice to have:
- Experience with EdTech.
- Experience with Startups.
- Experience with SDK development.


🔥Develop features and improvements for the AMS and SDK products in a secure, well-tested, and performant manner.
🔥Collaborate with Product Management and other stakeholders within the Tech department to maintain high quality in a fast-paced, iterative startup environment.
🔥Solve technical problems of a large scope and complexity.
🔥Craft code that meets our internal standards and best practices for a high-scale environment. Maintain and advocate for these standards through code review.
🔥Recognize barriers to our team's efficiency, propose and implement solutions.
🔥Confidently ship small features and improvements with minimal guidance and support from other team members, but collaborate on larger projects.

They offer:

🔹Competitive salary and perks;
🔹annual satisfaction survey and performance review.
🔹Technical and product leadership opportunities.