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Підкатегорії: Back-end-розробник
Країна: Україна
Місто: Дніпро
Вакансія від 1 червня 2023

Full-stack Developer

  • від 2 років
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At least 3 years of Full Stack Software Development experience
Experience with at least one of the leading front end frameworks: Vue/React/Angular
Building server side Backend API
Fluent with Javascript and nodeJS
Experience in developing SAAS solutions
Familiarity with cloud-based architecture and design patterns

Taking full ownership on the development of client-facing applications·
Designing, implementing, and promoting the company software architecture and infrastructure
Acting as an expert technical resource and valuable team member across the web and the back-end teams

Вакансія від 1 червня 2023

Middle/Senior Full-Stack Developer (Node+React)

  • від 2 років
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Our customer:
Our customer is a company that is working on a mobile data management and security platform that is designed to prevent data risks.

Development of efficient and reusable code in both FE and BE;
Development of our BE microservices architecture;
API design and development;
Designing and creating a no-SQL database;
Participation in the development cycle, including testing, CI and internal documentation.

Required experience and skills:
3+ years of experience with NodeJS;
3+ years of experience with React;
Experience with Typescript and Javascript;
Practical experience with no-SQL databases;
Good knowledge of Agile, Scrum etc.

Would be a plus:
Knowledge of BaaS services (Firebase/AWS);
Knowledge of microservices architecture;
Experience with Android/iOS applications development;
Knowledge of testing frameworks (Mocha/Jest);
Knowledge of CI/CD tools (GitLab);
Knowledge of containerization software (lxc, docker).

Working conditions:
5-day working week, 8-hour working day, flexible schedule;
All public holidays are days off;
Vacation and sick leave are covered by the company;
Remote work.

Вакансія від 1 червня 2023

Middle+/Senior BackEnd Developer

O2IT Recruitment
  • від 5 років
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The Challenge

Digital payments have been around for more than 20 years and have grown massively ever since. Yet Co-Op building payments is still a highly old-fashioned and cheque based market. Property management companies work with outdated software at best and require a lot of physical operations to collect payments. Our aim to empower our clients to focus on managing their buildings instead of managing payment operations.

The Opportunity For You:

Joining the core R&D team, you will have the opportunity to build infrastructure components and influence the core development process of the R&D team.

About us:

- We started at 2017 as a bootstrap company
- We received our seed funding just last month
- We love hiring driven people and enabling them to do the best job possible by giving them autonomy in their role and encouraging a culture of collaboration

The Role:

We're looking for a mid-level full stack Engineer (3-5 years) to join our remote team to develop our next-generation user interfaces. You’ll be amongst the earliest members of this team, helping to shape the direction of the product as a whole.

What will the role involve?

- Completely rethinking Co-Op building payments
- Implementing and optimising a complex user interface for describing and configuring payment flows **
- Designing and leading the delivery of new features for our product suite, and help us create an awesome developer experience for external partners
- Working in close collaboration with our product, and R&D team to deliver excellent and robust user-facing products
- Developing deep payments expertise, always looking for ways to optimise our user facing app
- Lead the evolution of our frontend app to next level with unit tests, and a more robust code


- Experience building high performance, distributed backend systems (+5 years)
- Node.js Nice to have
- Experience of driving and using modern development practices such as BDD and TDD would be highly advantageous
- Proficient with Javascript and React.js (2+ years experience)
- Proficient with HTML and CSS (2+ years experience)
- Passion for beautiful, maintainable and well-tested code
- Highly motivated self-starter who values autonomy and getting things done
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Experience working in a fast-paced and remote environment

Вакансія від 1 червня 2023

Node.Js Developer

  • від 2 років
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At least 4 years of Software Development experience
Building server-side Backend API
Fluent with Javascript and nodeJS
Experience in developing SAAS solutions
Familiarity with cloud-based architecture and design patterns
Nice to have:
Experience with at least one of the leading front-end frameworks: Vue/React/Angular
Experience with AWS Lambda

Taking full ownership on the development of client-facing applications·
Designing, implementing, and promoting the company software architecture and infrastructure
Acting as an expert technical resource and valuable team member across the web and the back-end teams

Вакансія від 1 червня 2023

Back-end Engineer (Node.js)

  • від 2 років
  • Віддалена робота

- 3+ years of development experience with Node.js
- Knowledge and experience with MongoDB
- Knowledge and experience in developing SPA (single page applications)
- Experience in creating a Restful API
- An Upper-intermediate level of English (verbal and written English)

It would be a plus
- Experience with PostgreSQL and MySQL
- Knowledge or experience with auxiliary services: RabbitMQ, Docke
- Understanding of blockchain technology

- Backend development for web and mobile applications in accordance with the specification
- Produce clean code based on specifications
- Participate in sprint planning
- Participation in assessments, the creation of architecture, etc
- Contributing to all stages of the development lifecycle
- Work in an agile team and communicate with the client.

We offer
- Competitive and timely salary
- Regular salary reviews
- Flexible working schedule (full-time, 8 hours working day)
- 18 days of paid annual vacation
- 10 days of paid sick leave
- Mentorship program (get a mentor or become one) and education program (personal development plan)
- Friendly environment

Recruitment flow
CV screening → Small talk with HR Manager → Tech Interview with Tech Lead → Job Offer

Вакансія від 1 червня 2023

Senior NodeJS Developer

  • від 2 років
  • Повна зайнятість

✔️Strong knowledge of JavaScript and the ECMAScript 6 standards
✔️3+ years of commercial experience with Node.js
✔️5+ years of commercial experience in web development
✔️Commercial experience of working with high loaded SQL or NO SQL databases
✔️Commercial experience of implementing the REST, GraphQL and WebSockets
✔️Understanding of the TDD principles and experience of writing tests
✔️Understanding of microservice architecture principles
✔️Experience of GIT version control system
✔️Experience with RabbitMQ
✔️Experience with Redis
✔️Experience with databases MongoDB, MySQL

Will be a plus:
✔️2+ years of hands-on experience developing over CI/CD/Micro Services architecture/Containers
✔️Experience with Kubernetes,
✔️Experience with Nats
✔️Experience with TypeScript

Duties and opportunities:
‍✔️In-house platform development
✔️3rd party API integrations
✔️Actively participate in developing new features from scratch

We offer excellent benefits, including but not limited to:
‍✔️Working in a dynamic European company
✔️People-oriented management without bureaucracy
✔️Working with the latest technologies (Nest, Kubernetes, mongo, graphQL, MySQL, etc)
✔️Official employment
✔️20 workdays of paid vacation
✔️Friendly team
✔️Sunny, spacious office
✔️Lots of opportunities for education and development within the company.

Вакансія від 1 червня 2023

Technical Lead - Architect edit

  • від 5 років
  • Віддалена робота

Hard Skills:

Enterprise-grade qualities: Experience with application architecture, necessarily with large and complex data transactions in government-regulated areas only* and across multiple systems;
* Such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Biology, Genetics, Science, Finance, Fintech, Stock, Banking, Military, Air Force, Space Force, or any government institutions with highly regulated specifics.

Should have at least 3+ years of Experience as a software architect;
Should have solid Experience in API Background and MySQL or PostgreSQL DB;
Should have exposure to CI/CD processes;
7+ years of professional JavaScript development;
Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds;
Comfortable working through the entire stack from the user interface through systems levels;
Understanding accessibility and security compliance;
Experience in consuming web services (REST) and processing data (JSON);
Experience with Redis and Mongo or other NoSQL databases;
Proven Experience in building API services using Node.js Express and Nest.js frameworks;
Good understanding of Node.js asynchronous runtime;
Good understanding of JS concepts on callbacks and closures;
Experience in debugging issues related to memory leaks;
Experience in building highly scalable and high throughput services with sub-second response times;
Experience with AWS services (S3 and SQS are mandatory);
Ability to deliver Bug-Free code.

Soft Skills:

Fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills;
Ability to explain complex things in simple terms;
Ability to keep the focus on essential items and be able to speak straight and to the point;
Powerful, diverse communication skills;
Ready to be at meetings with audio or video on when needed;
Desire to work not from 8 to 5 but with head;
Ability to meet estimates and handle the tasks responsible;
Ability to work in a stable rhythm over the years - it’s essential to be able to self-improve and keep the level of knowledge and productivity and learning new skills;
Need to have a very responsible aptitude for the assigned tasks and have a strong urge to close all those tickets😊;
🚩 We strongly prohibit toxicity or bullying of any team members or colleagues.


Architect, develop, and maintain high-performing & scalable components for cloud-hosted microservices using Node.js frameworks which are highly responsive to requests from front end;
Dedicated to delivering high-quality components for web and/or server-side solutions on time;
Conduct code reviews to ensure code meets industry-accepted standards. Additionally, ensuring that components are not vulnerable to web security threats;
Help cross-team to break down development work into manageable and measurable pieces of work;
Technically guide peer members in the team as needed.