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There is a stereotype about the labor market that a decent job can only be obtained with a solid experience of several years or more. Newcomers, in turn, will have to be content with only low-paid positions, long and methodically "filling their hand." 

That's not true, and you can find a promising job with a high salary even though zero experience. Our speakers will tell you how to do it and share life hacks from their career paths. 

The webinar will be held online on November 17 at 16:00. CET

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The webinar will be divided into several reports, each of which will answer the most painful questions for job seekers. 

What skills are needed in 2022 to find a promising job?

1. Top skills with which you will be valued in any profession.

2. 7 soft skills relevant for 2022.

3. Junior: how to get into the niche and get an offer?

4.Why are companies afraid to hire juniors?

What your CV must contain/rules for creating the perfect resume

1. How to write a resume so people would read it if you have no working experience at all or in a particular field;

2. How to properly present your accomplishments in previous companies;

3. Why you should not lie about your skills on your resume;

4. What exactly should not be on your resume and why. 

Rules for a successful interview

1. How to negatively impress HR: top 5 anti-rules for the job interview;

2. Dress code for the interview: know whether you can come in shorts;

3. The interview questions: what is worth asking the employer, how to do it properly, and when;

4. How to prepare for a job interview. 

How to get a job without experience: a guide for job seekers

1. what you need to know about the employer and why you should not grab the first one who agreed to cooperate;

2. stages of getting a job— from a resume to a probationary period: how to successfully overcome them;

3. when you can agree to an unpaid internship, and when you should not;

4. what to do if they don’t take them anywhere, and how to understand why;

5. how to win against applicants with work experience and present yourself in a more favorable light.

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Who are our speakers?

These are people who know exactly from their experience that the key to a successful career is not in the length of service and years of experience. Each of them already has a certain name and achievements in the labor market. 

Ulyana Kalyuzhna, 23 years old.

1. Global Recruiting Manager at The Luck Factory Group.

2. Education in the domain of Law and English Philology.

3. In charge of hiring for 4 branches.

4. Working with candidates from all over Europe.

5. Expertise: IT, affiliate marketing profiles.

Taras Shurubor, 38 years old

1. Education in the domain Computer science.

2. 20+ years of experience in IT.

3. 10 years in managerial positions: CTO/COO/CEO.

4. 10 years of experience in iGaming.

Alina Bystrova, 30 years old

1. Founder iHuman.

2. 12+ years of HR experience.

3. Experience in finding and hiring personnel in Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, Poland, Italy, Georgia and the USA: Florida, New York, Los Angeles.

The list of speakers will be supplemented and updated. Stay tuned for updates on the site!

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The webinar is organized with the support by LCWork brand for educational purposes.

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