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At this event, you will be able to learn how to convince the employer to give preference to you, even if you do not have enough experience.

We invited speakers with solid experience in recruiting, IT, the iGaming industry, affiliate marketing, and other areas.

Taras Shurubor, COO (chief operating officer) of Spribe

A person who has been working in IT and related areas for 20+ years, including gambling and fintech. He was educated in Computer Science and has a deep understanding of the IT field. Taras knows firsthand the peculiarities of working with personnel because he has been working as a CTO/COO/CEO for more than 10 years.

He will speak from his own experience about:

1. The difficulty of finding a job for juniors and how to overcome them.

2. Key skills that employers value.

3. Features of working in the gambling niche.

About the difficulty of mastering certain top skills that employers value, he says this:

“On the one hand, there are no skills that are not subject to development. But speaking in the context of work, I would single out the following: it’s difficult to master those skills that are unusual for this or that person.”

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Uliana Kaliuzhna, Global Recruitment Manager Lucky Factory

This promising and experienced recruiter, at the age of 23, took up a position in an international company. She now works in the labor markets of Europe and is herself responsible for recruitment at 4 branches.

In particular, her direction is recruiting in the IT field and affiliate marketing, where she already has solid experience in communication and the selection of candidates for positions. She will not only share her experience along the career path but also give valuable recommendations:

1. How to write a resume.

2. How to present yourself to an employer.

3. What to avoid when writing a resume.

But what can accidentally alienate or pleasantly surprise a recruiter during an interview?

“I learn the most interesting moments when I check the сandidate’s English and communicate on informal topics (what are your hobbies and achievements in life, why did you decide to come to IT).

It is on these questions that candidates tell vivid life stories. The most fascinating interviews were I had with one Mr. from Kharkiv bodybuilding, a sailor in the past, and with a running fan who completed the marathon distance.”

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Alina Bystrova, founder of the iHuman company

Alina has been working in the field of recruiting for more than 12 years and has experience in recruiting personnel in a number of European countries (Latvia, Poland, Italy, etc.) and the USA. She runs a company whose slogan is "people are the main value" and helps to find employees who do not quit.

Alina will tell you everything you wanted to know about recruitment and hiring but didn't know who to ask. In particular about:

1. Features of preparing for an interview.

2. Dress code: what not to wear so as not to alienate the recruiter.

3. What are the right questions to ask a recruiter?

4. And the main mistakes that young professionals make when looking for a job.

"First you need to prepare for the interview and study the history of the company in all available resources: study the site, subscribe to social networks, study reviews, and also ask about reviews from former employees, you can find them on Google."

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The webinar is organized with the support by LCWork brand for educational purposes.

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