Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

Вакансія від 14 вересня 2023
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  • Україна
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Опис вакансії

Key Technical Responsibilities:
- Security Architecture: Design and optimize security architectures.
- Incident Handling: Lead security incidents using forensic tools.
- Vulnerability Management: Regularly assess and mitigate vulnerabilities.
- Penetration Testing: Oversee technical penetration tests.
- Security Automation: Develop security automation scripts.
- Cloud Security: Manage secure cloud configurations.
- Network Security: Maintain firewall and network security.
- GDPR and Regional Security: Ensure internal and product GDPR compliance; be responsible for adapting to local laws in new markets; have familiarity with HRM-related standards in Poland, Germany, the EU, and the UK.
- Endpoint Protection: Oversee endpoint security tools.
- IAM: Manage technical controls for identity and access management.
- Data Protection: Ensure robust encryption and data handling.
- DevSecOps: Collaborate with DevOps for CI/CD security.
- API Security: Secure API configurations.
- Third-Party Security Assessments: Conduct evaluations of third-party vendors.

Qualifications and Technical Experience:
- Deep technical experience in cybersecurity engineering.
- Proficiency in modern cybersecurity tools and platforms.
- Mastery of encryption standards and cryptographic protocols.
- Direct experience in GDPR compliance at both internal and product levels.
- Expertise in cloud platforms, network protocols, and scripting for security automation.
- Familiarity with HRM-related security standards in Poland, Germany, the EU, and the UK.

What do we offer?
- 100% remote job with technical challenges.
- Opportunities for growth in cutting-edge technologies.
- State-of-the-art equipment and tools.
- Flexible work schedule (Mon-Fri), allowing for innovation and problem-solving.

At PeopleForce, your passion meets our purpose. We're excited to welcome a talented Senior Cybersecurity Engineer ready to make an impact. Together, we'll advance HR technology and shape a remarkable employee experience for organizations around the world.

Apply now, and let's build something extraordinary!

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