SMM manager

Вакансия від 25 серпня 2021
  • Розробка і проєктування, Продажі, клієнт-менеджмент
  • від 50 до 100 співробітників
  • Кіпр, Лімасол,
  • від 2 років
  • Повна зайнятість
  • Англійська (Вище середнього)

Опис вакансії

Overview We are entering the market with a new B2C product in the FinTech industry. The SMM Manager role is aimed to cover the sufficient part of the Go-To-Market Strategy. The main responsibility is to increase and strengthen brand awareness through the successful launch of the social media channels, audience acquisition and engagement, managing questions, testimonials and claims that are coming from the social media channels. The key goal for this position is to successfully launch from scratch social media channels for a new product, attract and onboard new audiences. Maintain stable growth of the audience and engagement. Key business processes Successful candidate will be involved in the process of the Go-To-Market strategy development and implementation considering the SMM channels. Participation in the working groups for copywriting and communication guides development. Managing the processes for content and media plans development and implementation, assignment and tracking of the related tasks. Cooperation with the media-buyer. Cooperation with customer support and PR manager. Constant management of the social media channels. SMM Manager functions. ● Competitive analysis in social media, measure the effectiveness of the competitor’s social media channels. ● Media and content plans development. ● Media and content plans implementation and daily management. Including: producing the scope of work, tasks and action plan, assignment tasks to the performers, management and tracking of the tasks in accordance to the action plan. Setting and monitoring the execution of tasks for: o Copywriters o Motion and static designers o Localization partners ● Search, onboarding and managing freelancers and agencies for content and media plan implementation (if needed) ● Daily management of the social media channels. ● Communication with the clients and audience through the social media channels. ● Constant control of the effectiveness of the social media channels, with the use of analytics tools. ● Increase of the effectiveness of the social media channels: audience growth, engagement. ● Regular reporting.

Умови роботи

remote you can work from anywhere

Вимоги до претендента

SMM Manager required experience and background. Actual experience in the Facebook social media management with the track record for at least one year is a must. Knowledge of the Facebook algorithms. YouTube, WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media experience is an advantage. Bachelor or equivalent degree; degree in Finance or Technology science is in advantage. English language oral and written (at least intermediate level). Successful candidate soft skills. ● Self-starter ● Motivational resilience ● Curiosity ● Life-long learner ● Communication agility