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Country: Ukraine
Vacancy from 25 May 2023

Senior Data Analyst

  • from 5 years
  • Full-time, Distant work

Would you like to get key experience and make spectacular achievements within your career?

We are a team of more than 5,000 specialists from Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, and Czech Republic. We love cars and everything related to them, and we work in e-commerce.

Are you an agile & result-driven person looking for opportunities in a multicultural, secure & fast-paced work environment?

AUTODOC is a multicultural tech-company active in 27 countries and with ~5000 people from over 50 nations where things are going fast forward.
We are currently in a transformative phase and looking for innovative, tech-driven and agile people to join us. We are striving to create an environment where people are safe and supported - whether it’s in an office space or work-at-home.

Would this fit you, or do you know someone who would fit this description then please contact us now and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Gathering and understanding business needs and objectives.
Develop strategies for effective data analysis and reporting.
Configure, implement and control the quality of analytics solutions.
Manage data analytics team and produce project deliverables.
Measure the performance of the project and provide optimization suggestions.
Partner with the Data Engineering team to define and build reliable data sources.
Work directly with senior management and recommend solutions and feature improvements.


5+ years of experience in data, product analytics, or business intelligence. Bachelor's degree in any related field.
Comprehensive knowledge of e-commerce area, funnels, customer journey and pricing strategies.
Proficiency in SQL, Python, Excel.
Proven experience designing and enhancing dashboards using BI tools.
Experience turning complex data results into meaningful visualizations with clear insights .
Deep understanding of principles of building a data warehouse and data modeling.
Good communication skills, ability to communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences.
Familiarity with A/B testing.
Fluent English.

As a plus:

Experience in statistical analysis methods.
Understanding of the SDLC principles.
Developing BI solutions.

What do we offer?

Competitive salary based on your professional experience
Stable employment in the fast growing international company
Wide benefit system
Dynamic work environment
Ability to influence business and its results
Professional growth — you will attend free external and internal courses
Paid business trips and payment for participation in conferences
Paid corporate language classes (English, German, Polish)

Join us today and let’s create a success story together!

Vacancy from 24 May 2023

Data analyst on banking project

  • from 5 years
  • Full-time, Distant work

✔️ The company is developing a Daily banking app for conducting daily banking transactions from the phone without having to go to a branch. The company has a startup approach and no bureaucracy.
✔️ The company's product receives an average of 3 thousand downloads per week.
✔️ Currently working on the markets of Poland and Romania. 3 new EU countries will be added over the next few years.

✔️ You can work remotely, although there are offices in Kyiv and Rivne if you wish.
✔️ The company offers medical insurance, 20 working days of vacation and sick leave, accounting services, and English courses.

✔️ Requirements: experience as a Data analyst, experience with Power BI, experience in creating complex SQL queries, spoken English and experience in fintech/banking

Vacancy from 24 May 2023

Middle Data Analyst

ТОВ Геймдев
  • from 1 year
  • Distant work

Бажані навички та досвід
- 2+ роки комерційного досвіду як Data analyst/Product analyst/Marketing Analyst
- знання SQL на високому рівні (MySQL, PostgreSQL, GBQ)
- знання BI інструментів (перевага Power BI), best практик з візуалізації даних
- досвід роботи з NoSQL базами даних (mongo_db)
- знання R (tidyverse, lubridate, stringr, jsonlite)) або Python (pandas, numpy, seaborn)
- знання cтатистики та теорії ймовірності
- досвід проведення А/В тестів
- розуміння ключових показників і бізнес-логік продуктової компанії

Буде чудово, якщо:
- Вмієш працювати з API (GET / POST запити)
- Був досвід, або є знання з оптимізації скриптів, покращення швидкості роботи дашбордів
- Маєш досвід роботи з інструментами web analytics (Google Analytics 4, GTM)

Чим будеш займатися на практиці

- Аналіз змін, що проводиться на продукті, пошук проблемних позицій та пропозиції щодо покращення продукту
- Постійний data mining та пошук інсайтів у даних
- Участь у дослідженнях та відпрацюванні гіпотез, A/B тестування
- Автоматизація процесів та аналітичної звітності
- Сегментація користувачів
- Побудова дашбордів по результатам проведених продуктових та маркетингових кампаній
- комунікувати з командою розробки при реалізації нових задач, ставити таски на доопрацювання систем сховища даних;
- моніторити операційні метрики продукту

Vacancy from 24 May 2023

Data/Solution Architect

  • from 5 years
  • Full-time, Distant work

Project Description:
Projects are found in most evolving area of the Investment Banking domain - Asset Management. Business is dynamic and it demands fast turn-around deliverables from development team in a quite agile manner.

The team is in a forming stage and is aimed to work on a green-field projects using latest technologies on microservices cloud-based architecture in order to drive business' innovation.
Position offers an opportunity to scale technical skills, including certification, and to contribute own knowledge to the business growth.

The focus would be on solution architecture, however data modelling is also part of the job. The position assumes close collaboration with the development team to guide the implementation of the core platform components.

Mandatory Skills Description:
Data / solution architect with a focus on managing JSON schemas and Kafka event JSON schemas to adhere to standards and make sure all follow the same patterns. A good deal of data modelling and solution architecture experience would be helpful, especially in the SQL Server / Java Spring Boot environments.

- Experience in designing JSON Schemas in Sparx Enterprise Architect
- Experience in Sparx Enterprise Architect overall
- Experience in designing APIs (Open API v3)
- Experience in data modelling (3NF, DV, Multi-Dimensional)
- Experience in the Java Spring Boot ecosystem, i.e. designing services / APIs

The focus would be on the first two, i.e. help design and maintain JSON schemas and Kafka message schemas (also JSON), but a solid technical and data modelling background is needed as well.

Nice-to-Have Skills:
With more cloud/hybrid and micro-batch, service-based data architectures coming, it'd be good to have some experience in this field. Not only looking at pure "how to" tech aspects, but also considering workload footprint effects or security side-effects of solution design decisions (and v.v.).
It would be really beneficial in this role to also have some Asset Management or Finance Industry understanding, but not a hard requirement.

Vacancy from 15 May 2023
Ukraine, Kyiv

Data Scientist

0 / 5
SoftIndex LLC
  • from 1 year
  • Full-time
  • Ready to take a student
Gym compensation
Office near the metro
Regular salary revisions
Vacancy from 24 May 2023

Data Analyst (use ChatGPT to generate data)

Arrakis Technologies Corp.
  • Without experience
  • Distant work

Our Mission: Arrakis builds data and software tools for sales and marketing teams that sell healthcare products, to ensure the latest in healthcare innovation reaches the right providers and patients faster.

The founder’s backgrounds: Previously Sam (CEO) co-founded a clinical testing lab which raised $14M+ in VC led by A16z, out of which spun off a COVID testing lab that did 36 million COVID tests. Sav (CTO) scaled an EdTech start-up to $50M in Revenue as the CTO.

The Company: We’ve raised $2M+ in Pre-Seed Funding, built an initial product, and have significant commercial traction.

Your job: is to create data for customers using ChatGPT. You'll write instructions for the AI as well as check the quality of it's outputs.

What we offer you:
* Transparency, trust and integrity. We are honest, principled, and treat each other with respect.
* A good salary. We’ll pay you a base salary as competitive with your location as we can given our early stage.
* Flexible work. Work remotely part-time or full-time.

What we're looking for:
* Fluent written English.
* Extremely high attention to detail.
* Experience working with Google Sheets.
* An excitement about working with ChatGPT.
* Ideally - some SQL experience.

Instructions to apply for the job: Please put the words "The Spice" at the start of your application so I know you've read this, include a short sample of writing you've done, and a 1-2 sentences of a description of your SQL skills.

#SQL #ChatGPT #OpenAI #leadgeneration #leadgeneration #copywriting #emails