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Categories: Service Staff
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Country: Ukraine
City: Sumy

Work as a cloakroom clerk in Sumy

This person's work was in demand at different times, although people tend not to give it much importance. Nevertheless, almost every institution needs a checkroom attendant, where many visitors are expected to stay for a long time. Current vacancies for people who want to get a job like this in Sumy were collected on the Login Casino Work search site pages.

What does a cloakroom clerk do: responsibilities

Most of the Sumy cloakroom clerk's work is quiet, not requiring applicants to have special skills and professional abilities. The primary duties of the worker are to accept outerwear and other things from a visitor, accurately hang them on hangers, and give the guest a badge with a number. For example, the cloakroom clerk's job in a casino involves a visitor handing over items to an employee for safekeeping and receiving a license plate. After the end of the evening on leaving the institution, the clerk gives a license plate to the employee, and the latter returns his things. It would seem that the post-cloakroom clerk duties are elementary. However, to work, a person must have certain personal qualities. Otherwise, the work will irritate. In the process of work, you have to meet with different people. Therefore, it is necessary to be sufficiently stress-resistant so as not to be led to the provocation of conflicts. Communication and hospitality are needed to meet and see guests with a smile, leaving a good impression of the place. An employee's demeanor and manner of talking to visitors also leave a mark on the image of the site. 

Pros and cons of the profession

Despite the apparent simplicity, the work of the cloakroom clerk Sumy can also have opposing sides. 


  • quiet, shift work is suitable for people of age or students;
  • You can combine work with school and study in the hours free from the influx of visitors;
  • For people in the age bracket, it's not a bad addition to the pension.


  • Small wages;
  • In establishments with evening/night hours, you have to be awake at unaccustomed hours;
  • Responsibility for other people's property. 

The vacancy cloakroom clerk Sumy often applies for people of retirement age to get additional earnings. However, in nightclubs, casinos, etc., you can meet students, as it is easier for them to adapt to the specifics of the institutions' schedule. 

Cloakroom clerk salary

The specialty does not belong to the category of highly paid. In many respects, the salary level of such workers depends on the employer and the city. A cloakroom clerk in Sumy earns about 10,000 UAH per month. Employees who know how to communicate politely with visitors can get tips.

New cloakroom clerk vacancies in Sumy

Due to the opening of gambling-type entertainment establishments in the city, new vacancies on various job search sites have increased. Those who fit cloakroom clerk jobs in Sumy vacancies with competitive salaries and good working conditions can be found on the Login Casino Work website. The resource specializes in employing applicants in the gambling industry, which automatically guarantees a salary above the market average. To not miss the hottest job offers from the city's best employers, subscribe to site updates and our social media pages. In the blogs section, job seekers can find much helpful information on employment. In particular, in the articles, experts give recommendations on conducting an interview and how to write a CV.