Why Is There No Strength in the Morning - Learn to Rest Properly

The effective working process includes a good rest, which guarantees more productivity. Click the link to find the tips on getting more energy

Почему утром нет сил ‒ научись отдыхать правильно

Tatiana Yermolenko

22.02.2022 | 03:35



Sometimes you look at dog owners walking in the park early in the morning with their pets and wonder - where do they get so much energy from? At the same time, you feel overwhelmed and cannot gather the strength to get up and go to work.


The situation when after a night you do not feel rested is probably familiar to many. Successful people, including millionaires, know how to organize their day in such a way as to properly relax, sleep well and wake up refreshed. What's the secret? What should you do after the end of the working day to wake up the next morning full of energy? The study of this issue was carried out by Dutch scientists and their colleagues from Harvard. The overall picture looks like this - millionaires are much happier than people with more modest incomes. However, it is not money that makes them happy, but the ability to rationally use their free time. Working much more than their subordinates, business owners and millionaires know how to relax, which means they can replenish the energy reserves necessary for the body in time. How do they do it? Why this happens, how to relax, where to draw energy, and how quality rest affects a person’s success, says the job search site Login Casino Work.

Recycling is not for everyone

Most Ukrainians periodically stay late at work or take unfinished tasks home. It is believed that such behavior indicates the conscientiousness, loyalty, high level of responsibility of the employee. Many are proud of the fact that they had to go to work on a day off, answer calls, and follow instructions from the management. Situations, where legal leave is spent on part-time work, have become commonplace. Our parents calmly went on vacation for a whole month, for us even two weeks without work seems too long. After all, this time can be spent on earning more money to pay for a private kindergarten or pay off the next mortgage payment. People have forgotten that vacation time and weekends are needed to recharge their batteries, to restore spent energy. Bars on Fridays, online shopping, social media surfing, and TV series do not contribute to this.

How do millionaires spend their free time?

According to Dutch scientists surveyed among their compatriots, outdoor activities are more conducive to restoring energy than aimless pastimes on the couch watching the next series. As part of the study, experts conducted a survey of more than 800 compatriots with an average income of 2 million euros. Also, about 1,200 Dutch people took part in the study, whose income is about 30 thousand euros. All respondents work at least 8 hours a day and spend roughly the same amount of time shopping and cooking. However, rich people prefer to trust professionals with cleaning and activities with children. The essential difference between one and the other is the organization of free time. While millionaires are doing what they love, actively spending time on walks or in the gym, taking part in charity events, people with a more modest income watch TV or hang out on social networks. Such a pastime can only contribute to the development of a depressive state and does not contribute to an increase in a sense of satisfaction with life. Wasting their free time aimlessly, people are surprised at the success of others - someone went to the mountains, someone finished the repair, when do they all have time?

How to relax: advice from psychologists

It must be clearly understood that cleaning the house, drinking alcoholic beverages in the company of friends, working on weekends are activities that do not give energy, but rather take away. To replenish strength, you need to learn how to rest properly. Psychologists recommend the following.

Relax and switch attention from everyday troubles and do what you love. Of course, for this, you have to fight with your inner voice that talks about the dust behind the sofa, the need to load the washing machine, check your work mail, etc. The rest time must be spent on what makes you happier. Watching TV shows and surfing social networks are powerful time sinks, but they do not contribute to rest, since the brain is also working actively, and you need to give it a rest and reboot. Learn to relax properly by making time for hobbies, walks, sports, meditation, massage, etc.

Try new activities. Remember that you always wanted to try, but never had the time. Learn to dance the samba, play basketball, roller skate - any kind of activity will do. Each new lesson helps to switch brain activity from performing routine tasks to finding new solutions and gaining useful skills. For example, modeling helps to develop speech and fine motor skills. In addition, new activities expand the circle of communication, and new people mean new opportunities. Perhaps in the drawing class, you will meet an experienced HR manager who will give sensible advice on finding a job and writing a resume. Remember that active rest should be alternated with passive ones, for example, relaxing massages or spa visits.

Listen to yourself. You should not force yourself to do what you do not want to go for a run, to the theater, because everyone goes, or to dig a garden. Perhaps such an activity helps to eat tomatoes grown in your garden, but if this does not bring pleasure, you will not be able to relax. If while doing something it seems to you that you are wasting time, then as a result you will not get rest, but a new portion of stress. The most correct rest is to do what you like.


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