What projects will Ukrainians not work with under any circumstances?

Платформа LC Work провела опрос среди пользователей социальных сетей и узнала отношение украинцев к работе в спорных вертикалях. Опрос позволил установить, в каких проектах украинцы ни в коем случае не будут участвовать.

What projects will Ukrainians not work with under any circumstances?

Valentyn Ihnatiev

30.06.2022 | 01:47



The LC Work platform surveyed users of social networks and found out the Ukrainians’ thoughts about working in controversial verticals. The survey made it possible to identify in which projects Ukrainians would not participate in any case.

The survey of users took place on the most popular LC Work social networks. It was possible to take part in the voting on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram platforms.

The most controversial and discussed areas of work were put to the vote, more specifically:

С какими проектами украинцы не будут работать ни при каких условиях

Users are most active in voting on the LC Work Telegram channel. However, only the analysis of votes in all social networks showed the most reliable picture of the results.

A total of 454 respondents took part in the survey. Of them not ready to work on projects:

  • for the development and sale of weapons - 6% (28 votes);
  • russian companies – 71% (352 votes);
  • in the field of gambling - 5% (23 votes);
  • related to cryptocurrencies and finance - 1% (5 votes);
  • in all of the above verticals - 10% (46 votes).

As you can see, Ukrainians have the greatest distrust of russian projects, regardless of their direction and scope. At the same time, the smallest number of respondents are biased towards projects related to cryptocurrency and finance.

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