What Kind of Support Do Other Countries Provide to Ukrainians?

Allies' help to Ukraine

What Kind of Support Do Other Countries Provide to Ukrainians?

Valentyn Ihnatiev

16.03.2022 | 10:58



Ukraine's struggle for independence and the right to exist of the Ukrainian nation itself causes tremendous respect and support in the world. However, this is no longer a war between Ukraine and Russia; this is a war of civilization with barbarism, a battle of good and evil, light and darkness. 

The United States of America, Great Britain, the European Union, Japan, and other democratic countries are on the side of the Ukrainian people in this war. The colossal help of the allies comes from different directions.

 Diplomatic support for Ukraine

The EU, the UK, the USA, and several other countries are mobilizing all the tools to preserve democracy in Ukraine and its sovereignty. With the outbreak of the war, a broad international coalition was created, which also included the countries of Latin America, Asia, and the African Union. 

The leaders of most countries have issued statements condemning Russian aggression. At a special meeting of the UN Security Council, a vote was held, at which only three countries out of 15 participants refrained from directly condemning the aggressor's actions. The world recognizes Russia's violation of sovereignty and the principles enshrined in the UN Charter. The world is horrified by how cynically the aggressor violates human rights.

Sanctions for Russia

Most countries in the world impose sanctions that have never been applied before. First of all, this is the blockade of the pro-Kremlin disinformation machine by banning the broadcasting of Russia Today and Sputnik. In addition, the world refuses to accept planes from Russia and restricts the export of dual-use products. 

The sanctions imposed by civilized countries relate to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle. The persons sanctioned include Foreign Minister Lavrov, oligarchs, military and political figures, and propagandists who are directly responsible for aggressive actions by the Russian army. In general, the sanctions list includes 680 people and 53 organizations. With each new Ukrainian city destroyed by the Russians, the list of sanctions becomes larger.

The largest Russian banks were disconnected from the SWIFT international payment system, and all current transactions with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation were frozen. Due to such unprecedented measures, the Russian stock exchange was forced to close, and the ruble suffered a 30% depreciation.

The harshest sanctions are imposed in concert by all countries. On the side of Ukraine and our independence, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, etc. Even countries like Switzerland, which have always maintained neutrality, are horrified by the aggressor's brutality and impose sanctions jointly with the EU in various spheres.

Most of the world has closed the airspace for aircraft from Russia, which has made it impossible for Russian citizens to fly by plane to different countries.

Military assistance to Ukraine and the Armed Forces

Ukraine receives the necessary means for self-defense. Thanks to the European Peace Assistance Fund, assistance in the form of lethal weapons for 450 million euros was received. In addition, our country also received fuel and protective equipment in the amount of 50 million euros. This is an unprecedented step since the EU has not previously provided military equipment and lethal means of protection to countries under attack. 

Instructors are arriving in Ukraine to teach our military how to handle unfamiliar equipment and weapons. Volunteers from different parts of the world are coming to our country who cannot calmly observe the injustice and cynical lies on the part of Russia.

In addition, cyber support is of great importance for the defense capability of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, the European Commission provided our country with software and equipment and launched the PESCO project. Its goal is to increase the cyber resilience of Ukraine.

Humanitarian Aid and Sanatorium for Refugees

European countries accept refugees from Ukraine and provide our citizens with everything they need. As a result, more than 1.7 million Ukrainian citizens have already left for EU countries. Most Ukrainians go to Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Moldova. 

People arrive here by the tens of thousands and receive significant assistance and the right to live for three years. Our closest Western neighbors share the grief that has befallen millions of Ukrainian families and are trying to provide people with basic things: housing, clothing, and food. In cities and villages, conditions are created to provide medical and psychological assistance. In addition, local schools are ready to accept young citizens of Ukraine for training.

Work Abroad

Refugees from Ukraine can find abroad not only asylum but also employment opportunities. Employers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and other countries are ready to provide jobs to migrants from hot spots in our country. 

In addition, once they are safe in the EU, Ukrainian citizens can work remotely for Ukrainian companies. The Login Casino Work job search site will help you find a job and pass an interview. Look for current vacancies on the resource pages or post your resume here.

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