Wanna earn decent money? Become an IT-worker!

Even those without idea what IT technologies are and what people do there know this.

Wanna earn decent money? Become an IT-worker!

Tatiana Yermolenko

18.07.2022 | 07:20



Besides, insufficient awareness of this area has given rise to several stereotypes and myths, as:

  • IT is something only about programming and codes.
  • You need to know how to write code to work in this field.
  • Only "technicians" go there to work.
  • There is nothing to do there without experience with programs and apps.
  • It’s unrealistically difficult to get into an IT company: employees have many requirements.

And a lot of else nonsense, kinda "you have to be a math genius to become an IT-worker".

And while most people convince themselves that "one does not simply go to work in IT", we are ready to tell you about at least 6 vacancies where you can enter the field of digital technologies:

  • No experience.
  • Without knowledge of programming languages.
  • Without any background at all in this topic.

And, by the way, this field is very friendly to people of any mindset, be it humanitarian or technical.

At the same time, you receive solid salaries, tangible prospects, and other "goodies" for employees of IT companies.

Get comfortable and learn about your potential opportunities in the world of IT technologies in a few minutes!


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