Santa's reindeer and life changes – how they are related to the wish "Happy New Job!"

New Year is a time of new achievements, fresh ambitions, and, of course, Olivier.

Олени Санты и изменения в жизни – как они связаны с пожеланием «Happy New Job!»

Tatiana Yermolenko

30.12.2021 | 03:31



Someone is planning to visit Bali, someone is planning to get a pet, and some are planning to find a dream job.

Today our goal is to introduce you to Marky, Klaint, Aitika and Litik – they are all deer. Of course, not simple. These are the reindeer of our LC Santa, which will help you decide which direction of work is right for you.

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To make everything as convenient as possible, we even created a whole special project. So our reindeer will correctly and systematically convey all the necessary information (let's not forget that even though they are with Santa, they are still deer).

«Happy New Job" from LC Work – changes will not come by themselves, but deer will help – this is a fact.

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