Profession Selection Test

Every person in life comes to a time when you need to make a choice and decide on a profession.

Profession Selection Test

Oksana Korotich

28.10.2021 | 06:05



Someone knows from school that they want to be a doctor, someone takes more time to find themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to understand who I want to work for to choose the right job. When making a choice, you need to focus on financial benefits. 

Consider your abilities, interests, and desires. Nothing is worse than an unloved job, even if it brings a good material income. Job search site presents a test for the profession, after passing which the applicant will be able to understand better in which direction he should develop. 

The test was prepared by the efforts of a professional coach, author, and host of the training "Enneagram – a unique typology of personality." Anastasia Pankovetskaya is a coach of Alla Zadneprovskaya's Zhivoe Delo consulting group. She has studied personality types, behavioral characteristics, and aptitudes for various professions for many years.

Take the Test and Find Out Which Job Is Right for You

The Login Casino Work resource team passed the perfect job test as a team, honestly answering each question. We suggest that our readers do this to discover who you are – a job seeker, Assistant, reformer, or skeptic.

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Possible professions

Not recommended

Reformer (Perfectionist)

The office is your natural habitat. Here you can realize your love of Planning, clear rules, and attention to detail. You can successfully implement yourself in improving business processes or in the field of training

Startups without established business processes

Assistant (Friend)

The applicant will feel comfortable working in the service sector and healthcare. Such people can be advised to look for themselves in teaching, providing advice

Areas where you can harm other people (law enforcement agencies)

Loyalist (Skeptic)

Skeptics make good employees of special services or large corporations, where you can use your unique skills in risk research, realize the abilities of strategic thinking

Small businesses, startups


The applicant will be suitable for professions that give them the opportunity to show creativity and self – actualize through creating a unique advertising campaign-as an example. This includes writing, psychotherapy, and the like

Areas where only financial motivation is used

Assistant (Peacemaker)

Professions with a low level of stress, a measured pace of activity. Pay attention to the work of the tester, mediator

Working with a percentage salary


Challenging tasks that challenge your abilities are your strong suit. Take a closer look at the career of a politician or project manager

Working without the possibility of career growth will not arouse enthusiasm among such an applicant


Politician, head of Department, entrepreneur. This can be any area that will make it possible to apply leadership qualities in practice

Companies with total control, without the ability to take responsibility

Thinker (Observer)

Information technologies, development of a business development strategy, participation in scientific research

Typical office work

Enthusiast (Optimist)

Tourism, photography, and writing are the areas where generating new ideas is valued

Routine work with documentation

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A simple test of who to be and work with will help the applicant understand why working in one area is easy, but working in another causes resistance. Understanding yourself makes it possible to clearly define the range of job searches, set a goal, go to it and achieve success. After passing the test, the applicant may notice several types of traits in their character. This is normal because we are regularly among other people who influence us. 

The Enneagram does not aim to fit a person to any framework and patterns. On the contrary, it makes it easier to understand which job is suitable for each person, depending on the type of personality and character traits. It has been proven that it is much easier for the applicant to create an impressive resume and write a beautiful cover letter later.

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